Note4VR Version 4

by TickTock Nov 19, 2014
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Yeah. I tried the 35mm FL lenses today and, while they did allow me to wear my glasses, there was a lot of distortion. I think to support glasses you will just need to stretch the body in the Z axis to make room. You can do this in Repetier Host with the scale options. Magnet may be a little loose, but other than that it should work.

You want to pick a FL equal to the desired distance from the lens to the phone screen but be aware that the farther away from your eye, the more magnification (i.e. less visible screen area). So to support glasses I guess you need a shorter FL to make room (move the lens further from the eyes and closer to the screen). Just guessing here - not really strong on optics so you may have to experiment. I use the 44mm FL (48.4mm diameter DCX) and my eyelashes brush the lenses but I think this is what you want (lens as close as is comfortable to your eye) to get the greatest immersion. I found the elastic at a local craft store chain (Jo-Ann's).

Great, thank you again.

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm pretty happy with the 38mm rift lenses, so I guess I'll stick with that size for now. I'm going to try to modify the case so that people with glasses can wear it comfortably. So, assuming vision isn't an issue, which lenses from Surplus Shed would you recommend?

Also, where did you get the elastic? Did you just salvage it from something else?

The larger lenses do increase the FOV but they are blurry around the edges so it doesn't really provide much more information. You don't have to do anything different other than print out the larger lens holders. I am still experimenting with different lenses. Might be worth waiting until I get a chance to try the smaller focal length versions to see if they are better. OTOH, at $4.50 each its not like you are out a lot if you decide to use a different lens in the end. There will always be friends willing to take your lenses and spare VR goggles off your hands :-).

Great! I'm trying to replicate my own with a few tweaks. I currently have it working fine with original oculus rift 38mm lenses. If I want to use the 48mm lenses do I have to configure the programs any differently? I'm assuming the larger lenses allow for a much larger field of view, is it worth it or are there drawbacks? Thank you for the upload!

You can do that. In fact, the link I provided does have some large 40mm and 35mm FL lenses. I am going to try them but I fear it will increase distortion at the periphery which may result in motion sickness. These are some very thick lenses. I'll report out once I get them.

If you want to edit this to move the phone further away, why not just get a lens that has a shorter focal length?

Good stuff! I'm going to have to print one of your clips.

I love your design! I hope you don't mind but I made some modifications to suit my own needs.

Thanks for your contributions!

Also, I second kibako's suggestion to double the magnets on the outside. It works great that way!

I added an addition magnet to the outside, stacking two on the outside and the one on the inside and that solved it. And i can just use the two magnets themselves as the slider without the printed magnet holder/slider. Works fine. Probally adding the extra magnet helped boost the magnetic power XD. I too would love that feature to allow for easy removal and mounting of the phone so when you want to change the app. Maybe some kind of hinge that allows you to lock into place for use and then unlock hinge and get access to the phones display. But i like the idea of quick removal maybe a case for the phone that snaps in and can easily detach and snap off, or use more magnets and print a case with 4 magnet holders on the corners that correspond with 4 magnets on the visor, but i dont know if he magnets will mess with the phone if there too close to it. Or take the road like the official Samsung VR visor and make it so the phone slides in the side and latches to lock it. But excellent work so far I love it.

I am thinking about further improvement on rev5. One thought is to redesign the front so the phone can easily be removed without removing the goggles to facilitate operating the touch screen. Second, I suppose I should look at making the magnet more reliable. Any other suggestions?

This is a problem plaguing all Google Cardboard designs - even the official kit offered by Google. The magnet trigger, while clever, is unreliable. Hopefully Google will come out with an update (maybe a calibration) on a future release. Meanwhile, I have found I have success by rocking the slider rather than sliding it. I pull it down to the bottom of the groove and then continue to pull down a little farther - rocking it counter-clockwise ~45 degrees. This seems to work well. I have been toying with redesigning the slider to hinge rather than slide to facilitate this but am reticent since I expect Google to fix the problem at some point.

This is awesome i built it for my note 4 and it works great. I get the 0.5" neodymium magnets of amazon the slider works great but its not sensing the magnets. When I move the magnet closer and simulate a slide it works but when the magnets in the slider it doesn't, any thoughts?