Killer Kommando v1.3 - 2.16.2015 - A Better Minifig - Open Source - No Supports!

by Tony_D Nov 20, 2014
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can I print with pls and have it not break if I'm careful?

If you guys have deformed ball joints on this figure, I found that its best to print with a finer layer height and shell thickness.

I have a question, will the weapons and parts from the storm trooper and the scout work with this figure? ;)

Yes. They're all the same.

K Thanks!

Tony, nice work! I'm getting ready to print my first set and the "Basic Kit" still has a couple of floating parts. The chest rigs sit on the plate, but the guns don't. Just a heads up! Thanks again for your work.

Excellent figure! Thanks for creating it!

I printed it in black and red ABS without support or a raft, and to ensure that the small pieces would stick well I used a thin layer of Elmer's Purple Glue Stick on top of a heated bed at 105 C covered with PET tape. They came out great.

The pieces fit together very well. The figure keeps its poses nicely. The joints are perfect.

Note that there are still 2 parts that are floating in the air in the K2_v1.2.stl file. You might want to take a second look at that. I fixed it using Blender before printing it.

Thanks for the heads up.

I just went back in and fixed all the floaters. I did a test print from the .stl file and it worked great.

Thanks again for the feedback... It really does help.


Comments deleted.

Don't know if it's just me but the two most right front parts are floating in the air.

You were right. They were floating. I fixed it. New file is K2_v1.2. Thanks for your help. TD

Woho !! Your welcome.

I'll check it out... Thanks for the heads up.