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Actually working wearable glasses

by josefprusa, published

Actually working wearable glasses by josefprusa Jan 12, 2011



Actually working wearable glasses by josefprusa is licensed under the GNU - GPL license.

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I removed the files after seeing new user agreements. I don't like the feel that Thingiverse owns the design. Files are here reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_Mendel

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Could you explain more? What's wrong with this?

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As far as  I can tell Josef Prussa has started his own company based on the open source Rep-Rap and may have a lot to gain if he gets a lot of people to hate his now competitor MakerBot. So think about that everyone jumping on the band wagon to abandon Thingaverse.

Dude, wtf :-D Yes I have company, but I dont sell machines ;-)

Which store did you get the lenses from? 8-) 8-)

Local store in Havl
íčkův Brod, Czech Rep.

Awesome! Wear it with pride!!! 8-)

You can finally print it and pick up some chicks with them ;-)

Nice work :)

I guess I'm going to have to start experimenting to see if printable frames can be made to accommodate the edge groove in lenses... Then, you can bring the frame to any lens cutter and have them made to fit :)

Brilliant! How did you get the CAD file of the lens? And how did you tell your optician what kind of lens you want without the frame to fit them? Did he declare you nuts?

I scanned the lense in scanner, then imported to Qcad and done the outline ;-) I picked the glasses I liked at shop, then I said I want lenses to these one, and just bought the lenses :-)

fantastic. i definitely didn't need another reason to increase my build platform size, but this design certainly adds some urgency...

You should definately print Prusa Mendel ;-)

I just ordered parts for the American Standard Prusa

Any chance to print some glasses on the pp3dp up? Netfabb tells me 160.85mm, so when printing it "standing" (lots of support material...) and rotating it 45 degree it almost fits :-)

Now I just need a cheap source for the lenses.
http://Brille24.deBrille24.de has glasses (plastic, anti reflection, uv protection, scratch free etc.) for 39,90 Euro (5 Eur rebate if you get a code from a previous customer). As I understand, they are beeing made in china, so perhaps they have resellers in other coun
tries, too. The one my girlfriend got looks decent for the price.
There's also http://glassesocean.comglassesocean.com which has yet cheaper models, but reviews are mixed...