PacMan Ghost

by Hatch Nov 21, 2014
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great model... your ghost was my first print ever...

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just printed another one at 100% scale. great print but tiny bit of sag on the top of the eyes and a little knob at the top lmao did to many solid top layers, will know for nect time, thanks for the print

hey, printed a couple tiny things of these for me and a friends little sister while they were over. printed in clear plastic and turned out well but hopefully gonna print some bigger ones sometime to match my larger paceman.

thanks for the design.

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I seriously thought my printing was about to explode while printing this

Hey Hatch,

Great Pacman ghost, love em!
Printed really nicely without support, and quite quick too.

Do you have a Pacman design to go with it? :D

Printing 9 of these guys right now. Printed a few of these last year and everyone loved them.

Very cool!!! :)

Where is PacMan??? :)

Great model! Printed on my M3D, thick walls, no infill, with raft with medium quality. It came out pretty great! The raft came out perfectly :D

THIS is the new standard calibration print! Its great, thank you!

they printed this at micro center

Thanks for this design. It was my first print on M3D printer. Completed on .65 of original scale and low fill, fast settings but not fastest settings.

I have the same printer!

This thing made me hate my printer for a while, which I genuinely thank you for. I was so annoyed I built an enclosure to keep the temperature more stable around my prints. I'll upload a preview of mine soon as a thanks :) Printing one now in yellow abs..

I have been printing this as a filament test... but I keep getting a "line" in the middle of it. I mean, by the plane of symmetry I got a little elevation in the from and back sides. Which I'm pretty sure is not in the model, by te way. Must be a Cura thing...

Anyway, this looks great.

I have to try it with 0% infill... :D

Glad you are making use of it!

You know - if you post some photos under the 'I made one' section of this thing, I might be able to help you diagnose your slice settings. You are correct that it isn't in the model ;)