by Benjamin Mar 2, 2013
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Sadly I am getting an error #<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:617875 403: Forbidden> when I finish up the process. If anybody finds a work around please let us know. Looks like it was an amazing tool, and I understand if the designer has moved onto bigger and better things, but Benjamin if you're out there and looking to fix this it would be put to great use!!!!

There's a workaround.

Download and install OpenSCAD
Download and open the .scad file in "Thing Files".
In the first line which is not a comment, replace "no_input" by the stencil factory output. Do not leave the quotation marks.
Hit F5 for preview, F6 for render, then "Export as STL".

Your're the greatest! Thanks for keeping this running for so long! When i make some cool ones i'll post the results. Thanks!

Yeah, sadly I'm getting a 403 forbidden error on a Thingiverse URL in the customizer Queue for this tool no matter what I do now. :(

Thanks for making this! It's great! If you get around to fixing it that would be amazing but if not, so cool that you set this up for people in the first place. :)

I can't seem to get the customizer working at all. Any ideas, I have it showing that it's loading scripts from unauthenticated sources and that when I try and load it anyway it just brings up a large error message.

Comments deleted.

Thank-you for sharing

I'd like to use this to create a customizable ID/Badge holder. Is there a link to a tutorial or location where I might start?

You should start by downloading and installing OpenSCAD:
Then familiarize yourself with it:
Learn enough to describe your object. Don't be impressed, it's mainly addition/substraction of simple shapes.
Examples (in "File") illustrate all core features.

I am very new at this. I just had one question. In Customizer, when it says for example "Stencil Width 80" what unit of measurement is that? So sorry if this is a silly question. Thanks

STL files are unitless, but slicers use millimeters by default.

I love this model and have been using it for a lot of prospective stuff...my only question is related to the OpenSCAD variable "tVersion."
I ran it, echoing to the control panel with several different models, but it only ever read 0. I was just curious about it (as I'm new to OpenSCAD and have been trying to learn as much about it as I can). Great design!

tVersion is the origin of the trace: 0 for the flash version, 1 with the javascript tracing tool, 2 for stamps:


How do you get the hollow areas on the inside to show up? all I see is the outsuide outline.

If you're interested in parts removed for the stencils building, maybe try Stamp-o-Matic:


Is it possible to get some sort of code of the stencil-o-matic I made so I can paste that in customizer in a customizable stencil iPhone case on this website. It says 'paste your stencil-o-matic code here but I don't seem to find a code of this stencil-o-matic.

Sure, copy the "input" in the "Instructions" tab of your stencil:

That's what i thought I should do but when I tried to copy that in here: http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?code=2db37cc37560190729e20e5dd7301f8c nothing happened. Is this just a bad iphone case or did I something wrong?

This url must be linked to your profile, what is the thing id/page ?

Have you found the problem yet? Is it me that made the mistake or is it the iphone case design?

Have you tried this one?
The other doesn't seem to be ready.

Customizable iPhone Stencil Case

Thank you very much! You saved me and my schoolmates for our project a lot of work!

Thank you so much! This made my life so much easier! You rock!!

je t'aime mec, super job!
boxxy ?

Is there anything like this that does not blur or distort the image. I am trying to put my company logo on an Iphone cover.. by the way this is awesome by itself

Thanks. You can set the blur to zero for a tight trace (in the bottom left corner). Before that, try to maximize the size of your picture in a 4:3 ratio image.

Amazing work Benjamin! Ive used this a few times. I am trying to insert this one stencil and for some reason I just get a blank frame with in the inside cut out. Have you ever seen that before?

Thanks. Maybe try to check the "invert" box in the Stencil Factory.
Or paint with white brush the part of the image which create a surrounding blue zone.

I have the same problem here.. inverting does not work so far. I have tried different images and black and white also. The bottom right image on http://chaaawa.com/stencil_factory/http://chaaawa.com/stencil_fac... also looks different than the result in the customiser. Is thisd normal?

The invert button is only useful if the image background is darker. If the background is white, it creates a big rectangle deleting everything.
When the trace is not the same in Customizer that's because of "islands" inside blue area.
Like in this sample:
But you're right, that doesn't seem normal. There's a new version in progress (should be ready before the end of this week) which displays what you get if you don't do bridges.

this is incredible
i had no idea customiser could do this kinda thing.
im printing more tee shirts than you can imagine :P
can you help me with 1 thing

im loosing some detail cause bridges would be required to support the islands.. and i have no idea if its even something fixable with a single stencil.
im being nitpicky. you just dressed me for the foreseeable future :P

I am new to this - my Printer arrives Friday!
Can this be applied to something like a pendant or keychain? Any friendly nudges in a general (or specific!) direction greatly appreciated.

Yes, pendant and keychain are possible.
Either by drawing a black circle for the hole on your picture in an image editor software, or by using the brush directly in Stencil Factory, like in this screenshot :

After that, play with the thickness, margin, and width in Customizer.

This-is-great. Can't wait to be home to try it! Is there an easy way to Customize the version with the handles?

From today, you can add the handle in Customizer.

Well I figured out how to do it in OpenSCAD in between, it was a good beginner exercise :) Thank you for all the code, it's brilliant and a never-ending source of nice customized little gifts for friends!

It would also be nice to invert the stencil. Instead of drawing the outline, it draws the picture. I would like to print the picture.

Here is a modified .scad file for you to do that:

Replace "no_input" by the stencil factory output.
Do not leave the quotation marks.

I keep trying to use that with your updated stencil factory, but to no avail. I've tried adjusting all the parameters (on the user end), but still nothing. Any ideas? :/ Thanks!

I used that OpenSCAD file, but I still get the same output as the normal one, just one solid piece in the outline of your photo. I believe this program is supposed to do something different?

Thank you!

Are you sure to replace
input = "no_input";
by yours ?
(do not leave the quotation marks)


Sorry I'm really a beginner, but where do I find the clipboard?

It was a way to say that communication between Stencil Factory and Customizer was done by copy/paste.

You just need to paste like you always do in the 'input" field, with keyboard shortcuts, or right click, or "Edit" menu of your browser.

Copy was previously done by pressing "Convert & copy" on Stencil Factory page. You never see the clipboard, but what it contains when you paste (this can be done elsewhere, like in a text editor and saved for archiving or later use).

Brush movements smoothed.

Paint it black…
You now get full online edition of your stencil.
(interpolation points required for fast mouse moves)

Features added : invert and bridges.
Paint it white to connect island.

Feature Request: invert. A lot of times I try an image, and it ends up cutting out the wrong way. If you could invert the black/white, it might help.

Yes, I'm on it right now…
with some simple editing tools: brush, white or black, brush size.
But i'm torn between improved this one, or try and publish an other one.

Now with adjustable blur.

I love the way you're pushing the boundaries of Customizer. :) Note: it is possible to paste an OpenSCAD array into a Customizer text field. This QR code customizer makes use of that: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:46884http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... Perhaps that would help you optimize your stencil maker.

QR Code Generator for Customizer
by mcg1355

Thanks !
That's the info I was missing. Need a bit of rewrite (and a lot of sleep).
Thanks again.