Hand Cranked Vinyl Player

by Oana Nov 22, 2014
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It sounds terrible, but very cool design!

Why do you crank the vinyl player like crazy in the demo video? Vinyl is supposed to turn at 33 rpm. Looks like you went through weeks of designing and then at the grand introduction troll it off by spinning it like a CD.

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Bear in mind, when I built it I didn't know very much about vinyl at all. It was trial and error. If you've got a better video I'd be stoked to put it up :)

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As as form of protest I deleted ALL my submissions that I've made to this challenge. I recommend that all challenge participants to do the same.


Ha wow I know it did not fit into the size restraints but I think this design deserved to win this person obviously worked hard on this working design and I think its very childish that people are acting this way

Just a side note. If you use a needle it will cause the record to be written to and you will have any sound that is in the room put on the record. I have done this years ago and did not know it would do that. The record players use a buffered needle so this does not happen. However if you have an old record you don't' like you can easily put new music on it using a needle and a bit more pressure and it will make new groves.

That's actually really interesting, I didn't know that!

I originally tried some needles designed specifically for playing records but I found that they didn't work as well as the sewing needle. I think this is because the sewing needle is longer and has more contact with the paper, which causes the vibrations to work better. Admittedly I wouldn't use it on any record you don't want t damage. But hey, wouldn't it be neat to think about designing a recorder this way!

Congratulations! I don't know if it works but i love the idea.

the 3rd place design winner was also larger than the size stated in the rules...

think Makerbot should explain. A lot of people clearly worked hard to designing items to print within these size restrictions....

The rules say:

"CONTEST OBJECTIVE: The objective of the Contest is to invite Thingiverse Account Holders to create and upload a creative vinyl-inspired design (“MakerBot Vinyl Design”) that fits within a build volume of 10.0L x 10.0w x 12.5h cm. All Entries must include a description of how and why the submitted MakerBot Vinyl Design is useful or novel."


Something is not right, is it? Some explanations are due from Makerbot.


I am glad someone (other than me) pointed this out.(wrong impressions and all that)
Not saying this design is not good, just that it did not fit the parameters of the rules as written.

And it looks like they didn't change the rule until /after/ it closed, according to those anyways. Looks like they found ones they liked that broke the rules and decided that "maybe no one will notice."

That or somebody knows somebody and greased a few palms.

I guess rules were meant to be broken (or bent) That's why I never submit to contests.. It does clearly state the dimensions..

hought the exact same when I saw this upload. Love the idea but iis a lot easier to design without the restrictions.
Also an explanation why the winners where not announced on December the 15th.

thought the exact same when I saw this upload. Don't want to detract from the fact it is a great idea (despite the fact it doesn't really work all that effectively).

But it is A LOT easier to design without restrictions such as size. Did think it strange that the size change was taken down from the the rules about 3days after the competition closed.

exactly my thoughts :/

Great Design!

Wasn't the competition rules to design something within a 10cm x 10cm area though?
it seems a lot of people didn't bother with this...
i wasn't going to enter but my idea was about 15cm too so didn't..

think this is the best of the designs that didn't though :) well done.

As i read the rules it said "printability on a replicator or replicator 2". this prints on a replicator 2.
i double checked to find dimensions and didnt see any, so i assume it will be fine.

Hi, could you please tell me the software that make the video of assemble process?

Autodesk Maya. I do most of my 3D in Maya.

This is great! Do you have a video of it in use?

Not yet. The handle on it went a little wonky while I was testing (the one you can download has been reinforced) and my access to a 3d printer to make a replacement is limited because it belongs to my work and there is a waiting list to use it.. I will try to post a video soon.

I've also made an animation demonstrating the assembly process. It's still rendering but I will post it when it's done.