Increased Rod Spacing For The Fully Printable Printrbot Simple 1405

by orangefurball Nov 23, 2014
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i would love to get a 300mm version if possible

Request: Can you make one with 197mm spacing instead of 208? My original arms from Jon Lawrence are about to snap off from the weight of the front of the bed (and this is the second set of these that I've printed :) so this design will be insanely helpful!

Hi Orange, will this fit over thishttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:383713 and if so is it possible to modify the bed ends for 209mm mounting holes?

1405 Simple X Expanded (Single/Double Precision)

I made a similar mod to strap onto the stock 1405 wood frame, but I modified the top plate so that the X stepper is between the two rods now. I was having problems with my 200mm x 200mm plate racking when it was driven from the back like it was, but now it's solid as a rock.

How big does this expand the build plate to? I'd like to get to either 300x300mm, or preferably 400x400mm, depending on which is possible, is there any chance you'd be willing to extend the mod to that? Thanks a bunch, your work is great!

Currently, it expands the build plate to 200mm in the Y direction and as long as you want in the X (depending on the length of your smooth rods, that is.)

Let me know if you want a 300mm one or a 400mm one and I will upload it. I'm glad you enjoy my work!

Thanks for the response, I've been talking to people on the printrbot forum, and it sounds like 300mmx300mm just isn't feasible. So, I think I'll still with 200mm, as that is definitely possible right? Also, I was just thinking, if the ends had the spot for the rods, you use this with all 3 rod spots on the bottom? It would add stability right (maybe more than necessary..)? What do you think? Would it help enough to be worth adding the bearings and rods? Thanks again, -Logan

I was reading your thread and I agree, 300x300 is just way too big. Some people run it (Danman I think) but 200x200 is what I use and works well.

No need for 3 rods on the bottom, only need 2 rods. It doesn't add much stability. I have been running two just fine.

If you check in the 1405 printed simple thread, Danman remade my parts with some improvements. I would definitely use those.

Just wanted to let you know, I am currently printing this, and your work is great! I will post up pictures when I am finished!

Will this work for the stock printrbot 1405?

While it will mount to the wood frame using existing holes, it probably wouldn't work very well. Feel free to try it out though, I do recommend going with Jon's fully printable 1405 though. I was able to reach a resolution of .05mm (50 Microns) with his mod, it really takes the simple to a new level.

Hey just to let you know it does not fit on the original wood frame. It's to small to fit on the front of the printer. I'm currently using the tri rod mod for my printr and it isn't comparable with the fully printed 1405.

isn't comparable in quality? I am buying a 1405 soon, and currently have access to a printer with a larger build plate, should I print the fully printed 1405? Is it worth even assembling the wooden one?

If you replace the strange acme rod with a standard M5 threaded rod the z axis will behave much better.
I would recommend getting a heated bed and using that instead of the small and unheated aluminum build platform.
And for the rest of it I would print the tri rod mod! It improves the stability of the printer bot drasticly.
I did a write up on my printer over at penguintech.info if you wanna see what mods I've done.
Just released was a mod to the original fully printed printrbot that allows for the tri rod mod. I will be upgrading to this soon.

I was thinking of moving up to an M8 rod myself, maybe M5 would be better. The 1/4" -16 ACME rod is fine but a bit thinner than I like and quite hard to find (only a few online dealers have them)

Happy you like the Tri-mod. I just released a version for the fully printed simple (Jonbot) and am in the process of printing it. I'm hoping it improves the stability of my Z a bit more.

M5 works great for me. The pitch is 0.8 vs 1.25 on M8 which allows for a lot smaller z layer. I print 100 micron no problem but have never tried past that so it might be possible.

how would you change rod sizes? sorry I don't actually have my simple 1405 quite yet :(, so I can't examine how the z heigh works. Anyways, I'm hoping to upgrade to closer to 200mm of build height if possible, should I stick with the acme or go to an M8-M5 rod? thanks

Just switch out the coupler and nut to proper sized ones.

I know how exciting getting your first printer is, but you really don't want to rush into mods that quickly. Stick with the 1/4 -16 ACME rod for now.