Spider Kit

by jodroboxes Nov 23, 2014
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OK, I dont have arachnophobia and I must say that the live hairy spider looks gorgeous but I wouldnt like it crawling on me. This is just a you dont touch me and I dont touch you and we will be friends thing... :-D

However my sister has arachnophobia - so I am making this for sure... LOL

do you have a diagram of how the pieces fit together?

Do you have a version with the pieces separated?

very nice :) i printed one it looks super nice.
Do you have a version of the STL without the "frame" you can post? (all the little parts linking the model together), its a bit hard to cut properly :/

Love your pet it looks just like: Her?

Yes, she's a Grammostola porteri.

Does this version fit together fine? I remember I printed one last year and it was flawed. I want to do it on my CNC in gigantic size for halloween :)

It is better than the original files i mixed this from, but its not perfect. Can't say how it will turn out, last time i printed this was years ago.

Is that your pet tarantula? If so it's adorable! & I can't wait for the scolependra one, I say that 'cause it will be about the same size lol

That's tintin the Grammostola porteri. I have 40 species and some centipedes aswell. Im thinking of modeling amblypygi and scorpions too!

I can't wait to see them.