Raspberry Pi case (model B+ / 2 / 3)

by Adrien12 Nov 23, 2014
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I can't get the cylinders get into the screw holes. they're too big and I can't print them good :(

I like it, printed it, but...
there wasn't enough clearance for the heat sinks I had applied. I might remix the top to just create a hole so the heat sink can poke through.

I liked the bottom part. The top part is too thin and hard to not hurt when removing from the printer (yes, I have a huge amount of experience in doing print removals). I DID tip the designer because it is nice to have a thin case. What I would suggest (strongly) is the top part be 150% of current thickness but of course the posts proper size. I 'stretched the top cover in Z then trimmed off the 4 round standoffs as a workaround. I am using clear PETG and it looks really nice. Thanks. (I like to see the boards inside with their own leds and so on)

I don't like it. It is not sturdy enough and it did not really fit. But the slim design is nice. Rating: 5/7

really nice design, however, the new raspberry pi 3B+ came out yesterday and it didnt fit because of new POE headers, could you please make those changes? thank you in advance!

I've added a remix with a hole for the POE headers: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2897232

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ top (with POE pins)
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I printed this just now and the raspberry fits perfectly in the case, the only problem I had is the holes on the cover were a bit too wide so it would not press fit. Fixed that with a couple of pieces of 0,1 mm filament. It looks very nice and I used a light-blue PLA for the case and a bronze/golden colored PLA for the lid.

Thanx for the model!

how exactly did you fixed it fith small pieces of filamment? Cause I've got the same problems, holes are way to wide for the pins to fix

If I recall correctly I dropped a slither of filament I cut with a sharp knife in the hole and did a press fit upside down. But that was a year ago in the mean time I changed cases.

thanks for the reply. I've already kinda glued it with ellastic putty

Ok ! Thanks for your feedback !:)

This fit perfectly and looks amazing! I love the short form factor. Thank you!

Looks Great but the GPIO opening is too narrow. Is it possible to make this bit wider?

use a dremel to cut out the needed space for the GPIO

It is just me or those covers not printing correctly in cura? It starts with holes and pins and then start to brim arround?!

Looks great! Going to try this soon.

Ahah thanks, Give us news of the result ! :)

beautiful case, fits snuggly

Doesn't print well in ABS. I experienced bad curling at the corners, using settings that have worked well for me in the past.

mine printed pretty close to exact clip-together functionality using 0.18 layer height even with a 0.5mm nozzle. a dremmel may help to make things closer to "perfect". i remixed this and removed the name so i could print one for myself using T-glase and not see Adrian's name on my case. i only posted the file for the bottom without the name and included this as remix reference.

You don't like my name ??? :(

I assume there isn't enough room for a heatsink with this case, correct?

+1 for the comments made by others: It printed easily and fits great.

Feature request: The hole for the GPIO connector is too small to insert a 40-pin IDC (ribbon cable) connector. The case would be even better if I could do that!

For anyone in the future. Just sand it down.

what are the external measurements for this connector? im interested in making a case design of my own and would like to ensure that i accommodate this into my design

I used dimensions of 8mm x 55mm for the 40 pin ribbon cable.

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I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus here -- this is a really excellent Pi case! It printed easily and fits great.

Does this case protect the micoSD card from being popped out?

It does not protect the SD card because I needed to do tests frequently it with it :/

Hands down the best Pi2 case I have printed. Fit was perfect expect I had to drill the holes on the top hat with a small drill to make them just a bit larger. Thank you for a great design!!!

Thanks for your comment !

Made it!
A really good work.

I made a case Mounter.
raspberry pi case mounter for 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Frame
Thank you!

raspberry pi case mounter for 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Frame

Really good ! :)

may i know what 3d printer you used ? it seem got good quality.

I have use an Ultimaker²

ool that one really expensive in malaysia

ool that one really expensive in malaysia

could I ask what modeling software you are using? the 3d model with the pi in it is fantastic!

Thanks =)
I have used Inventor and Inkscape for the logo of PI

Im sorry I think I made my question confusing. I was wondering what software you use to get the very dynamic model as seen in picture four. I like the professional look and was wondering what software or tool you used. Thanks!

Hello, I have use Keyshot for made this render but we can use Blender (it's a free software) ;)

How tight are the tolerances on this? Seems the length dimension is especially tight when I printed it. length being the axis from the SD card to the USB/Ethernet ports. I just rechecked the measurements on my printers bed and that seemed fine too. Printrbot LC

Sorry I have not understood everything, what problem did you have ?
I do not remember the tolerances I've done, I look in the file and repost a coment ;)

So those little spikes for the mounting holes in the pi get expanded too much on my printer. Also the holes they are meant to snap into on the lid section aren't big enough.

Maybe it's a problem with my printer.

I may do a mod with a hex head slot on the underside of the base so you can inset an m3 bolt and screw the lid down with nuts on top.


I managed print is part and assemblies (I have a Ultimaker²), I think you are a problem with you printer, and two guys have printed this file :/

After, if you wan't I can edit my file, , and send it to you by mail.

Which slicer did you use?

I used Cura.

For drawing I use Inventor, my slicer is cura

More information of my setting on : http://www.3dsettings.net/fr/impressions-3d-utilisateur-33

Cool cool.
I printed this thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:120249
and that made the little pillars print perfectly.

Fan Duct for E3D hotend
by euphy

No I just inspired by some models, and I needed a box with hole to cool with a fan :)

Ah. I thought it looked quite similar to this case http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:396917, but I can see there are differences.

A very compact Raspberry pi B+ and Pi 2 case

Actually I was inspired by this kind of model, I find them more attractive than large "block" and I wanted to be my little personal touches :)