Lasercut Sleigh

by athey Nov 24, 2014
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I just cut this on a Glowforge using 3mm cherry plywood and it worked great!
No glue needed. Great design, well done!.

Please start using the metric system :-)
The sleigh looks great.

Hi, would i be able to use this commercially, I currently offer a few seasonal items and would like to add this to them.

Yeah, sure.

Thanks for that, it's greatly appreciated.

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Comments deleted.

What / Which app would I use to convert to STL?
Or,,,, could you add it here :)

This isn't a 3D Print, so there is no STL, unfortunately. This is intended for people who have a laser cutter or CNC router. Just vector lines for cutting wood or acrylic.

"Cut out of 1.25in plywood" ???!!!!!!

Do you mean quarter inch?

haha - whoops! The difference a decimal point can make. That's what I get for not proof-reading.

Ahhh, eighth inch. Ok! I don't have any stock that size so aim have to pick some up Wednesday and give this a go that evening.:-)