Customizable Necktie

by Keenan Mar 2, 2013
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This might be a problem with thingiverse, but I can't get the customizer to work. Anyone else having trouble?

I'm having trouble with the connectors. When I get them to slice, they are coming out too thick. If I try to make them thinner then they don't slice at all. If I try a similar method to the neck band it doesn't slice correctly either. I printed the neck band with no problems.

Here's the final neck file, how it should look like.
Like Keenan said. 1 shell, 0% infill, roof and floor thickness 0mm. Then you're good to go.


A little help here, I'm breaking my head trying to figure out what for or how to use the neckband... I printed the whole Necktie and is awesome, I just need some guidance on how to use it, pictures please or something

Hi. Read my old comment a few entries down. Your slicer should have the right settings to build it but send me a message if you can't get it to work.

Hi Keenan, I read your previous comment and still don-t get it. Which is the "filler" part to be clipped off? I have no idea what is will look like at the end. I printed it with the parameters you wrote down but still don't know how it works. Do you have any images, diagrams of something you could share? Thanks

customizer is throwing an error on generation #<JSON::ParserError: A JSON text must at least contain two octets!>

So it seems it no longer spits out a pattern, my export through customizer is a solid color. Can you confirm? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:544273/#files

ArtLab Necktie

As far as slicing the neckband you must set your slicer to zero infill, 1 perimeter and zero top and bottom layers, it should work fine.

The shape of the neckband looks weird but the final piece isn't meant to look like a closed loop. There is a "filler" piece that needs to be clipped off. (diagonal pliers work well). This is sub optimal, but i had to do it that way to make the slicer understand it and make it fit on my build platform. I have two files you can choose for the neckband, use the regular one if possible or the 100X100 build area one if you have a small build platform.

What is the neckband supposed to look like? Want to make sure my slicer is doing its job right before I print it out. Took a very long time to slice.

I'm in the process of printing this, I saw that the neck clip was pretty big. Is it suppose to be?

Warning: Serious nerd street-cred when wearing

Impressed! Wear this tie to a tech job interview and you've go the job! haha Andrew (http://3dhacker.com3dhacker.com)

really awesome. has anyone tried printing this in nylon?

this is simply incredible. nicely done!

this is genius! so amazing Keenan. AWESOME job buddy

This is so impressive!! So creative and innovative! I want one!!! :)

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Thanks, I spent a lot of time working on this.