RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller Box

by ZhilDV Nov 25, 2014
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What size and length are the bolts and nuts used to assemble this? Already made the bottom and holders. Just need to know hardware sizes.

Can you please add the CAD file (SolidWorks ?) to the files you're sharing ?
I had to make some change on the PCB, and it don't fit anymore in the case...
Otherwise, is that possible to send them me to gauthier.michoud@etu.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr ?
Thanks a lot

Thank you for your valuable helps!!! I'll try to add new knobe and pusher. Only I don't have board like you!!! Can you send me any photos of Smart Controller board or (and) sketch of changes for pusher :)? ZhilDV@mail.ru
Nice job!!!

I made this for mine, i got mine from aliexpress, it is soldered with very short pin connectors unlike this one with the removable screen so it would be nice to have a 5mm center piece without the mounting holes that just wraps around the board, i ended up cutting cutting yours on the z axis in netfabb and then printing and just cut off the mounting tabs after, it works ok. i also had to shorten the reset button by quite a bit, the encoder knob was different, mine is just splined not a D shape so i just used the stock knob, but thanks much for the design.

Adapter For REPRAP SMART CONTROLLER thing:563515
by jh1985

Ditto on what the last guy said!...im having placement issues for the encoder and would like to make a detachable mounting...i love your design! its by far the best one ive seen yet :) i hope to be able to use it :)...if you decide to share it please send it to steven.layne@hotmail.com and if not i understand :) and again...good job!!

Adapter For REPRAP SMART CONTROLLER thing:563515
by jh1985

Can you share the drawing for this? My LCD have diffirent size and position of encore and stop button. I want to edit it. Thanks

Yes I can... I did it in SolidWorks. How can I sand sourse files to you?

if you want to share with all, you can just upload them with your STL files.

Hi, can I have it too please? my email yonghuei92@gmail.com

please send to me by email: quocanhcgd@gmail.com Thanks

Probably best case for Full graphics controller - in my case there was a need to make thinner middle part (BASE.STL) - the LCD was closer to main PCB. Can be easily cut by Netfabb - in my case only 4.6mm high middle deck was enough.

Adapter For REPRAP SMART CONTROLLER thing:563515
by jh1985

Greetings, i have the same Problem, could you share your modified Base.stl? Thank you =)

Great design!!! Fits very well.Thanks!!!

I didn't have this problem. I think it is problem of printer. Seems, speed or acceleration should be more slowly?

I am having a problem with this model. When I try to print the bottom of the case, the print will shift about 15mm in the Y direction. I tried two different printers and slic3r and cura. I also ran it through netFabb. Is this a known issue?