by zefram Mar 10, 2013
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How have people printed the 2 halfs of the engine? Mine is having nothing but problems even with supports.

The bottoms of the nacel front pieces appear to be concave by about 4 layers, this makes them really hard to print as tbe bottom is not flat on the bed. From what i can see the piece it joins to is flat, so there is no need for the bottom to be curved up in tne center.

I ended up printing all 3 with support turned on.

Yes they are concave, print with support.
It was done this is too compensate for any slight curling up from the bed to make sure the parts went together without any gaps.

i did print the points but they were SO fragile
so after they snapped off
i cut them flush and drilled down and glued cocktail sticks as points
i also used barbecue skewers as pins for the struts
all the pins did print but i felt it would be a stronger job with the bamboo

You should also be able to make the System Chase craft - here's a picture http://tinyurl.com/khn2ubv .

These are the only other ships seen onscreen also made by the creators of the Liberator. They were basically gun nacelles with an engine attached. I'm going to print the one fuselage rear (engine), 2 green globes (they should be RED for chase craft not green), one Nacelle middle and one nacelle front and see how it turns out. The 7 very delicate antennae on the front I'll add separately. I'll let you know how it goes.

many thanks for the pic
my thoughts on the system craft were to reduce the size of the nacelle
and cut the rear of the nacelle off
reduce the main rear section to match the diameter of the nacelle and glue that to the back of the nacelle
its just a matter of learning to use the software thats holding me up
any way
many thanks

something odd about the designs I wasn't able to get them to print with the newer "makerware" at all. It cut off corners of the circles and printed the outlines as a D shape while still trying to fill in the inside out to the correct diameter. I loaded them in the original ReplicatorG software and it was able to slice and print them without a problem.

The points look a bit thin. Anything smaller than 2mm will have troubles printing.

they printed fine on my replicator, I even used the multiply option in the profile editor to print all 3 at once. Though they are delicate they did at least come out. Still haven't finished printing it all :)

They are about 2.5mm and printed fine on my UP! There is also a alternative method in the instructions.