Nozzle cleaning tool

by whpthomas Mar 3, 2013
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You have a wrong link to toothpick holder http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39050

Surface Finish Calibration Test Shape

do you still use the technic after 3 years?
thanks for the share

This is a nice tool to build.
Usually, I rip off the cotton from one side of a Q-tip and insert a toothpick in the central hole of the plastic tube... It has worked wonders for me, but is not as sexy as a printed tool ;)
Nice work!

Henry you are a genius!!!
Your tool has always solved the problem when we have faulty layers.

Thank you very much!

Worked a few times until it broke in my extruder :) i got it out with another tooth pick :) Great idea!

Just had my nozzle clogged yesterday.... Thanks for this detailed article Whpthomas :)

Would like to share that Acupuncture needles works pretty well to unclog from the exit hole of the nozzle.
Found this at the Chinese Medical Hall. The diameter is 0.25mm

Also used aluminium wire that are used in beading (art and crafts) to clear the clog from the entry point. Cheers!

Thank you very, very much Henry. This hint and tool really saved my day and relieved me from pain with my Replicator 2. I really do not understand why MakerBot does not provide such a cleaning tool!

Have Fun Creating!

This "Thing" and the above instructions have been a HUGE help to me! It's part of a routine when I change filaments between large (50+ hour) prints

I did this similarly by stripping down some twisted copper wire and spinning it around inside the nozzle top while hot, then using a single strand to clean the nozzle tip and it seems to have worked well.

Rather than using the carbide cutters to clean the nozzle, I use 28swg nichrome wire. Carbide cutters are brittle and snap too easily. The 28swg wire can be held in a pin chuck. Something else I bought was a pack of 0.4mm HSS drills.

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