v2 Infill 3D Bowden 75 Geared Extruder

by Infill3D Nov 27, 2014
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Is it possible to get the correct BOM??
The one in thing details is incorrect.

2x16mm hex bolts for the idler?! How on earth do you get it to 16mm when the idler is 30mm wide?
And the hobbed bolt sits too low (at least the one I have bought) for this to be used with 1.75mm filament :(

it is difficult to get the main body into the base you might want to make it a little lousier, in order to mount it on a hictop 3dp11 I had to drill a hole because it uses 5mm screws.

where the two thumb screw that hold the barring down you should make a price that goes across both screw so you don't have to unscrew them to change filament. look at a taz 5, It would make it a lot easier to change filament

Hi Infill,
sorry for this question, but where do you get the screw with the teeth for the extruder from?
Tanks for the design!

if you google hobbed bolt or search it on ebay, you can find one. if you are struggling to find one, I can make you one and then send it out. I use a knurling on the drive section, rather than a hob thing, but you should see similar results. the primary difference with the hob versus a knurl is that you need to clean the knurl a bit more often.

This looks nice! I was looking for some geared extruder, and this one seems to be the right option :)

i just had a friend print this for me because i could not get good prints to save my life ,.... omg .. it ... is.... AMAZING!!

In the picture with the 2 pneumatic fittings showing. Did you drill a hole for the 2nd fitting or was there a second idler stl for that style part?

Would the stepspermm needed to be modified for a Flashforge\Makerbot Rep1 type of printer? Im using a bowden setup.. Or, in general, will any modifications or settings on the rates need to be modified? Apologies in advance. I've read this type of extruder is what I need so I'm trying to understand it.

I made it, for driver with step 1/16 you need to default_axis_steps_per_unit for e as 800.

Hi, I love this design so I'm trying to print it!
Just one question; in the second "real life" pic, there's a fitting in the input side of the filament too, but I can't see the mounting for it in any .stl. How did you mount it?

Very nice design!! Looking for 3mm version. Maybe it's will work with a little drill

Can you please post the source files (native cad files) ?

What % do I need to scale the idler in order for this to Work? I prínted the extruder scaled and the idler. The idler is much too small?
I might have gotten the idler from the website.. differnet models here and there, so be carefull people!


Nice design. Just one question..How do you keep the 608ZZ bearing from moving around when used with a M3 bolt?

Kind regards,

Printing soon :-)

Thanks for the design!

Glad you liked it, enjoy.

Great designs! any chance you are going to make a 3mm version of this like on your direct drive model?

HI Alex, actually is already done... maybe almost done I have to check, however I been so busy that I have not had the time to keep up with Thingverse, there is other models that are in v2 that I have not uploaded yet, I will get to it as soon as I get some time.

I'd be excited for these 3mm models =) Cheers

I hear you Corey, I will try to make an extra effort to post it as soon as I can.

Printed this without supports.. not the best idea. The body at least has unsupported overhangs. Also had to drill out all the holes, pretty common, but really the tolerances are VERY tight. For example the nuttraps in the idler could be a bit larger as there is a lot of space for this but very little space against the large gear so the nut needs to be flush.
I like the design but the details kind of ruined it for me so will probably use another extruder.

Hi, I have just printed and vapor smoothed this extruder to use on my delta printer I am making. It looks fantastic. Since the dovetail slot in the mount only allow for upwards pointing orientation, do you have another mount by chance that will enable the extruder filament outlet to point downwards?

No I do not have a bracket to mount it upside down, something for the next version.

Could this be adapted for 3mm filament? For example, using a 1/8 - 6mm adaptor and drilling out the filament holes?

Hi David, I do not see why it should not work however I want to make a 3mm version I just have not gotten around to it, I'll post here the link when I get it done.

standard hobbed bolt?

:HOw about a similar design where we can use a mk7 drive gear?

Soory Glennswest, no MK7 plans in the future, if you are looking for a direct drive look to my other extruders however they are for a MK8.