Sliding Lid RAMPS 1.4 Box - Lower Profile

by Gyrobot Nov 27, 2014
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Хз как в эту коробку запихнуть Ramps 1.4. Припой Ардуино упирается в место вкручивания самореза, кнопка сброса упираестя в стенку коробки...

Nice box. Great idea. But I do not see exits for the cables? Not a big problem though can be drilled after.

Hi thanks for the files. best looking unit i found :)

it didnt fit my 1.4ramps without modifying.
the usb port was off and the power socket.

with quick modification i fixed both issues and added hole for reset and extended both directions to add room for fan and screen cables.
and changed the look for the fan inlet. now just need to wait 9h for printed parts to be completed :)

Thanks Again

I just pay for tip to thanks! Great Ramp 1.4 Box.

nice work, but..
no space for lcd cables, so unless you run the printer via pc it's useless.

consider adding space for the lcd cables to come out.

Apologies, my printer doesn't have LCD. I did provide the OpenSCAD source so you can re-model for your own requirements yourself.

Same here, unfortunately I have not read the comments before printing. I am using a LCD as the most other users, too. It would be great if you add some information about this in your description.

Done, thank you.

Nice work, really! I love it and of course i'm printing it...
I made some change of my own: modified the fan air intake with the more functional one by MRCLEANR6 and splitted it from the sliding cover; this way it's more easy to print the cover.
If someone is interested to: https://tinkercad.com/things/5ivmbbvFnFz

Missing the hole for the reset button on the Ramp, but a drill will solve my problem

Comments deleted.

Nice box, but somehow the two flat cables for the LCD controller and the numerous wires for the thermistors, steppers, endstops and optionally, a servo, have to exit the box and I don't see any specific openings for these!

For me I wanted exit the wires on the rear of the box so used the OpenSCAD code to punch these in.

You can either dremel out holes to suit your requirements or modify the OpenSCAD or STLs to suit also.

I believe the idea is to use the rectangular vents on the port side to feed your wires through. If you need extra room, you can cut sections out to make larger openings, but they are large enough for the low profile DuPont connectors. Molex will definitely not fit without cutting.

You should change your name to Prolific! I wish I had the focus to output as much as you do. This is a very nice enclosure. Can I make a couple a couple of wish list suggestions?

  1. The fan mount can still do its job of holding in the lid, even if it breaks away. Why not make it a separate part, so it can print flat? It would be stronger.

  2. Along the inside walls of the main body, put a pair of embedded tubes, 1.8mm and 3.5mm in diameter. Since this part is prone to delams when printed in ABS, inserting a piece of filament into each side will insure that the case stays together.