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Star Wars The Force Awakens - BB-8 Ball Droid

by lilykill, published

Star Wars The Force Awakens - BB-8 Ball Droid by lilykill Nov 30, 2014

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The files for this model have been removed from this page, from now on the files can downloaded for free from www.MyMiniFactory.com. This page will be left for legacy purposes and I will still answer questions if posted.

From now on, all my future projects will feature exclusively on www.MyMiniFactory.com.
My profile page is https://www.myminifactory.com/users/lilykill.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

This is the droid your looking for.

Just seen the trailer for episode 7 and thought this droid looked awesome. I still need to add more details but I just wanted to try and get the model done ASAP but cant wait to finish it when I get more details. The model is 1:1 scale with the head being roughly being the same diameter as R2's. But this can be changed later when we know more about the droid.

Follow me on twitter @ https://twitter.com/lilykill1, and instagram @ https://instagram.com/lilykill1/ and facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Lilykill-253119598353137/ where you can stay up-to-date on my current projects and releases.

If interested, join my group @ http://www.thingiverse.com/groups/design-to-print/topics where I aim to help anybody with anything I can with modeling or complex assembly like this design.

Edit:- 30/11/14
Just finished the model to the best reference images I have. Enjoy.

Edit:- 02/12/14
Two piece models added.

Edit:- 02/12/14
head and body without stub end and insert added.
hollow versions of body and head added.

Edit:- 03/12/14
Neck joint strengthened on single part STL

Edit:- 22/04/15
SolidWorks model added

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could you possibly make a version where the main body is cut in half and the head cut at the bottom bevel. trying to do this without supports.

Slicing is easy.
I cut one in half for this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:789759

love bb-8! make more! make kylo ren

Very nice, could use a base tho

Any chance you could hollow out the head and body, and cut each in half with a joining tongue and groove? I'd like to put some real hardware in this thing ;) I might just remix it if that doesn't seem like an interesting project for you. Great work!

I'm super new to all of this, so hang in there with me. But when I take these files over to 3D Hubs.com, it says it's going to cost around $7000 to make this. Now, I've seen that some of you have scaled down, but there's got to be a cheaper way to print this thing at a 1:1, right? Any suggestions?

Use Slic3r to separate into pieces and glue it together... I'd save that $7k, buy a printer for $300 and print it yourself ;)

The original model is approx. 1080mm tall, so if you wanted to print it at 1/10th of that, the print would be 108mm tall, or a scale of 1:01. Sorry for multiple deleted comments, that was me being impatient with the button.

Comments deleted.

If i wanted to print it a bit smaller, what dimensions would you use for each piece? I am looking to print the NEW versions that clip into each other, and I would like the clip and the hole to be the same size so that it fits.

How about for reference, about the size, or smaller, of a golf ball (for the ball, and then the head is smaller, I believe)?

Sorry for the delay, the head is 456mm diameter, the ball is 780 diameter. If you read my reply to borbafett above, I also give the overall height of the model. Just ask if you need more info.


Someone ripped your design (your design differs slightly from the movie prop now thy we have seen it) This is a link to an article where they tried to turn your design into a toy. The fail is strong with this one:

ye, I know, IGN reported the toy and showed a pic of the toy using my render and I was like 'what the hell'.

Nice Model!

Oh Man someone beat me to it.
I was going to do this today: http://makezine.com/projects/make-this-mini-star-wars-bb-8-ball-droid-with-a-hacked-sphero/

I need to keep a printer at home!

Thanks for the model.

could you post the solidworks files?

Ive just uploaded it, its in SW2012.

Can you upload it in SW2010 files? the older version..... Sorry for asking this... I don't have money to buy the newer version...

New to 3D printing... this only my 3rd project. It keeps popping free from the base mid print. Help plz

Do you have any support material around the ball? Depending on your slicing software I would just put some light support material on so it has a wider base or just some individual struts around it if this is a recurring problem, or you could slow down the print speed.

cool thx, I try to figure that out. I really love the idea of adding BB-8 to my Star Wars collection before he has been Hasbro'd

It would be great if this could somehow be turned into a Sphero attachment!

I love the model, But Im thinking about how to make it moveable.

Maybe add a thin slit down the middle and have the two halves on the side moveable, then have a swivel for the head... I have the idea in my head but trying to get it into the 3d model is the challenge. Ill see if I cant remix it for ya.

Made four attempts tonight of the one-piece build at 92mm (1h 15) and 50mm (28 mins) heights, vertical (snowman stack) and on back. All failed in the neck region and separated. Really cool model, any chance you could strengthen the neck connector for the one piece for these sizes?

Thank you.

Just uploaded a new strengthened neck single piece STL. Sorry for the inconvenience .

No inconvenience at all, this is cool. Made my first one. But the antennae didn't render at the height I did it at (17mm).
Will try larger soon.

Ye the antenna is kinda small, I dont want to make it to big otherwise it will just look out of place with the rest of the body.

shame that you rushed it so much to be the 18th person to release this model... could have had potential.

You told me that the model is solid. Would it be possible to get a hollow version of it?

yes, I just hollowed the parts individually.

So everything else (including the size and the scale and all the rest) is the same as the solid model? And what thickness did you use?

Yes everything is the same, Im at work currently so I carnt check the model but I think I made it roughly 25mm at 1:1 so at 1:10 the wall thickness would be 2.5mm. Ill message you tonight to confirm the size.

That's great. Thank you so much. You're giving a great contribution to my project, thanks to your model. I appreciate it.

No problem. If you need anything different done to the model just ask.

Sure. Thank you. :)

is that a slicer option?

Just uploaded a hollow body STL. enjoy.

Hi lilykill, thank you for your help! I really appreciate it. I just have a question: did you just make it hollow without changing anything else?

Would you mind posting the textures? I'm looking to adapt this for the egg-bot. Thank you

the model was done in solidworks so there arnt any textures. I just assigned colours to each face. sorry

hello :) I really want to print this but have a printer unable to do 1:1 as the model is shown now. is there any way that the model could be made to have the head and sphere separated?

your slicing program should be able to scale it easily. I'm using Slic3r through Repitier. try using a scale adjustment of .1! that should give you a 3" diameter ball.

Scaling the entire model down as one piece will result in a smaller overall droid however. Separating the pieces would allow me to print it larger. I am looking to scale the head a certain size but that would mean the entire model would be too big for my print bed

Ive just uploaded a two piece version with a little stub end for both parts to fit to together.

Thank you for the separated parts... i was struggling trying to separate them last night. is it possible to get the ball without the stub?

Just uploaded both parts without a stub end and hole.

thank you so much!!!!

How do you know it's 460mm??? Some people on the R2 builders site are saying that the ball is soccer ball sized...

without any references to scale off its hard to say, like I said in the info, soon as I hav the sizes ill change it to the right size.

Is there a way to hollow out the ball in certain areas so that it is kinda like a Weeble Wobble? That would be awesome!!!

Simplest would probably to get a decent heft bolt and exclude an area for it on the bottom of a slightly truncated sphere (which now that I think of it would have the additional benefit of being easier to print the lower sphere cleanly...) and print the truncated part of the sphere over to the side. When the print is done put the bolt in the hollow and use acetone to seal the sphere together with the bolt inside.

Actually, that sounds doable enough I think that is going to be my plan. ;)

That's a great idea! If it turns out cool you should post pictures!

Makes sense, I see what I can do in terms of the design to have one of the oranges sides as a removable cap to a hollow interior.

That would be awesome!! Thank you if you can!

Cant see why not but I dont know how well it would work. An I cant currently print anything atm sorry so i wont be able to test anything but will definitely look into it.

1:1 ??? What are the measurements? Thanks in advance! =)

I carnt remember where I had taken it but I had the head diameter as 460mm, So I just superimposed one an images from the trailer into the model and scaled the head to that measurement. Its only approximate but If I find more info on the size Ill just change it.

Great job!!

Hi is there an email I could contact you on?

I feel somehow inclined to see if i can print this 1:1 scale. LOL