Iron Man Bust (Repaired, flattened)

by Geoffro Nov 30, 2014
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Tried both Simplify and Cura, having the same problem with both.
The neck is too thin, you need to make the wall thicker or the slicer will ignore the wall.
I managed to print it on Simplify by changing the thin wall behavior. But ideally the model need an update.

Print it larger or turn healing off, S3D is over compensating for a thin wall by omitting it.

Im pretty sure someone has already remixed with a thicker nick

Geoffro, that's not the case.
Tried to print at 100% and still couldnt print the wall without change the thin wall behavior.
That's happening because there is 2 faces (internal and external) in this part of the model, where should be just the external. So the slicer cant handle the thickness of the wall.
This model is really good in a 3D design perspective, but not optimized for 3D printing yet. Great potential tho.

Ah well, these things happen. Was not my model actually, check remix

Not sure how 42 of these got printed with such an error :p

Just did this build before seeing the support to the chin part oh well still turned out awesome

how do I fix the neck

I have to use the supports to print it?

The model/STL file is not closed properly around the neck. :(

I sure wish I had read this before I tried to print...same results.

Yes. I always check layers before printing now

I had the same problem with the neck, I sliced with simplify3d

I just tried also with Simplify3D with the same results.

When i printed he didnt get a neck, just structural rafting

There is a void in the neck area. A problem with an otherwise awesome model. It's basically, just a shell for the neck area.

Depending on your slicing, you will probably have problems with it. I did on my original prints.

I "cheated" by running 4+ perimeters, which covered up the small gaps in the neck details, support material, and a 25-30% infill.

(Also ran 4 tops/bottoms)

I'm still not 100% happy with it, because I haven't found a "good" setting for tear away supports that don't leave the model scarred or didn't provide enough support. shrugs

And to think, mine was printed on the crappy makerware.. I have slic3r also, will print on my kossel today and see if i run into the same probs, not hard to fix.

Is the neck/helmet area hollow? I'm printing this out now, with a 20% infill. The lower body and shoulders are printing fine, but once it got to the neck area.. It's printing that section hollow.

Just curious if there is something different in the model that could cause this.

most of it's hollow, I printed mine at a low infill like 3 or 5 % ... so 20 should be more than adequate.. what are you slicing it with?

Slic3r, printing with repetier.

The lower half of the body printed perfect. Once it got to the neck and the chin area, it started printing that hollow with no infill, which caused some small holes at the seam areas.

I had some support issues/drooping under the chin, so I killed it.

I re sliced and added supports beneath the chin, but from viewing the slices. I expect the neck/visor area to still be hollow. It appears that maybe the model was from something that the visor flipped up.

that's odd, I used the same, added pillar supports for overhangs more than 60' and was all cool.