Customizable Battery Case

by walter Mar 5, 2013
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I printed a 1x2 container for AA's. Unfortunately the pieces fit very loose and doesn't hold together. Should have looked more closely on the 3d model before printing. I think the parts need something like a notch to clip and hold together.

can we up vote the above comment? the lid needs to attach to the base somehow.

Customizer no longer working for this model? Tried different accounts, different browsers, different machines, different networks, nothing. D:

Thank you in advance for looking into it.

My mistake, the issue seems to be site wide. Have a great day :)

Where is case for 18650???

WARNING: Can't open library 'write/Write.scad'.
Compiling design (CSG Tree generation)...
DEPRECATED: The assign() module will be removed in future releases. Use a regular assignment instead.
WARNING: Ignoring unknown module 'write'.

Same here! Everything works except for the lettering if you want any

To make it work, you'll need the write library which can be found here: https://github.com/rohieb/Write.scad

Any chance we can get an updated version that solves this error? Can't quite figure it out myself yet.

Using OpenSCAD, and the dimensions I found online for D Cell batteries, I remixed this design into a 2x1 D Cell case so I can have spare batteries for my MagLite in my patrol bag while on duty. I'll post a picture once I get it completed

Would be better if there were a wall between each battery so that no retraction would be needed from the 3D printer's point of view.
Less retraction = faster printing speed.
So can you please add a property to define a wall thickness between each battery?

can please someone share his customised files to me?
I cant do the customisze thing, tried a lot but the lid never fits correctly its always too loose :(

I need one for 4 AA Batts in 2 rows and one for 2 AA Batts in 1 row

Download OpenSCAD and customize it. It was my first customization project and I caught on pretty fast. Make sure you do a top and bottom

Printed one earlier tonight for 4xAAAA batteries as used in the Surface stylus. Size for 8.3x43mm and it should be a solid fit.

walter, these custom battery holders are just way too cool. I do some work in film & video so we have LOTS of batteries that we need to keep on hand. I have zip-lock bags full of AAA, AA and 9v batteries. They do get banged around a bit in bags so I'm really loving these custom battery holders. I chose to print holders that hold 8 batteries each. I've printed 4 of these already and I still have some lose batteries so I'm going to keep printing until I have no more lose batteries. I do realize a 9v battery version would not share much of the code from the cylinder based version, but I'd really love a 9v version. If I was better with OpenSCAD, I'd make one myself.

How would I work out the exact zpos where the base of the writing on the cap is so that I could make the top of the cap a different color so that the writing shows through in the base color. With sailfish, I can pause at an exact zpos to do a great job of it...

The label depth is in mm, a negative value will emboss the part by cutting up in the positive z direction, a positive value will extrude down in the negative z direction. Both the emboss and extrude start on the x-y plane at z=0. For the lid part, the total height should be "inside height" + "base" + "extruded text depth (if any)". Not sure if that answers your question, I haven't tried switching colors or sailfish so I'm not sure what the process requires.

I printed this with 0 part gap, and a 10mm overlap and it is still too loose to hold together in a bag.
Can I use a negative part gap?

I just modified to code to accept a negative part gap, hope that works for you. You should only need to reprint the lid part (positive part gap will affect the bottom piece, negative part gap will affect the top piece).

Wow. Thanks so much. You really put the 'custom' in customiser!
Now the 9v... Lol. :)

Thanks again

Wow. Thanks so much. You really put the 'custom' in customiser!
Now the 9v... Lol. :)

Thanks again

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walter wrote, in response to GregFisk25:

I just modified to code to accept a negative part gap, hope that works for you. You should only need to reprint the lid part (positive part gap will affect the bottom piece, negative part gap will affect the top piece).
User's website <http: walter="" www.thingiverse.com="">

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I tried to create a lid with a negative part gap -.1 (3mm lip), but anything less than zero generates a lid with no recessed step to accept the lip. Did I do something wrong?

Hi! Do you have any suggestions as to recommended print settings? I've been starting with wpthomas' 200 micron profile and increasing the solidity because of the utility of the case with little success. how solid would you recommend making this?

I use an Afinia printer, which uses their own proprietary software, so I'm not familiar with the software and settings most people are using. Hopefully the settings GregFisk25 suggested will help.

I just use the 200 profile, 10infill, 3 shells, 0.2 layer with no problems at all.

Hmm frustrating... I'm doing the same now and while the first half is alright, it manages to jam up and stop extruding! Possibly build plate or translucent blue filament problem?

Have you got the extruded spring upgrade? It makes a rep2 go from a POS to and excellent machine. Never had a failed print since..

I replaced the bearing and spring with the recommended ones (i had hoped the spring and bearing from a different user would work) AND I moved the rep2 to a more solid surface. Timidly printing with a 2mm wall and no problems so far! Thanks!

I made one with the default settings in customiser and the walls are rather thin (which is probably perfectly adequate when there are batteries in it).
The push fit is extremely loose tho. I will experiment and see what a good value for a tight lid is.

I bet if the cap part went a little farther down the outside of the base, it could even be made waterproof. And I also bet this could be tweaked to also be a custom battery case for printed electronics.

Also, I would really like a 9v battery version :)

I second. Really be use useful is to hold two 9v batteries that can be used to power electronic projects as well. Ive seen some for sale but for some reason so expensive.

Could you add customisable text to this?