Teardrop Pendant Light - laser cut

by robyward Jan 23, 2011
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Wow amazing design! Have you tried this with acrylic?

Which program did you use to slice the model?

Did you ever find out?

I know 123D make, but it is old and not always working...

Robyward how do you keep this lamp together (with glue) and if you glue... how do you change the globe?

There are some duplicate Lines in the vertical parts. That can cause some extrasmokey edges on some parts and not optimal cutting times because a part is not cut in one path. Its also not possible to extrude the paths in a 3d program to assemble it in theory because of these duplicate lines...

I just made one but I think I need to change the little spaces a bit as it is hard to put together. I used clue then but then realized if I use clue that I cant change the bulb anymore.

I can not figure out the combination to mount it! help me please!

Hello, you used the cardboard that measure? 3mm? or 4mm?

Hi there, great design.
I want to make it out of acrylic, but need to know the size as I will be using an A0 laser to cut it, will it fit? Thank you :)

Hi...I made mine out of 4mm veneer and it looks awesomein our room!Can't wait for your next 2!

What are the exact measurements for this? Please help!! Thanks!!

Here's my result. I used the "Regolit" floor lamp from Ikea for the stand.

Thats awesome where are you from?

San Jose, California, although I'm originally from Sweden.

How tight are the tolerances? Would 1/8 inch (3.175 mm) material work?

I don't think so but feel free to change the drawing

i really like your design and i am currently working on a lamp design based on your work.

because you specified the license to be "none" as in all rights reserved i am not able to publish my new design here without your written consent to do so.

is it ok with you if i publish the new lamp design on thingiverse?

best regards

Yeah for sure, sorry haven't been on the site for a while. I will change the license.

nice project perfect for learning!! We made one in toulouse france...cheers for the design

Awesome guys, looks good. Thanks for the feedback and the picture. :-D

Firing up the laser cutter for this one. I have some edge glow orange that wants to be one of these.


Sounds cool, you'll have to post a picture when your done!! I would really like to see what the contrast between the edges and the sides looks like. ;)