3mm Infill 3D Bowden Direct Drive Extruder v2

by Infill3D Dec 3, 2014
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Hi, great Extruder. i really like it!

2 Things so far:
1: What Motors do you use? My standard Nema17 1.8A 1.8°/step Motors don't have nearly enough torque to drive this!?
2: The Hole for the fitting could be longer. I don't use the brass fittings, i've had some plastic ones laying around (they have a longer thread, about 10.5mm), i've glued them in place so this is working so far for me

hi infill3d
is it possible to have it in step or iges format i would like to modify it for MK7 drive gear and 1.75 mm filament


Is this currently setup for a NEMA 14 or NEMA 17 motor?
I need one for a NEMA 14, and I am horrible at cad.. I have NEMA 17s, but I'm trying to go all 14s on this project. I really like the simplistic design too.. I can't wait to try it out.

Thanks for Sharing.

Hi, it is for a NEMA 17 hope you can get it to work with your setup.

Can you tell a little bit about how you printed it? I tried with supports but the whole were filled way too much.. ?? thanks

I added a picture where you can see the supports I used with that said it depends on the slicer you are using some packages are awful at creating supports. I hope the picture helps you.

Hi Dan, you are right it can be done however it would add to it's size and change it's looks also the whole geometry of the top where the filament travels to the drive gear would have to change to make space for the larger diameter of the 608 maybe shortening the support of the filament to the drive gear, that feature is important since I want to try using it with soft filaments like ninja flex that usually can't be used in Bowden setups hence the supports almost all the way to the drive gear; to add to it I know a lot of folks out there do not care about looks only function but both are important to me a 608 is going to add too much bulk.
You can buy 10 603ZZ bearings for $5.85 here ebay.com/itm/10PCS-603zz-3-9-5-3x9x5mm-Metal-Shielded-Metal-Ball-Bearings-/290979807805?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43bfbf823d
that is $0.585 per bearing, if you are like me I buy a bunch and keep them for my future projects and even if you are not they are so cheap you can use one put the rest in a drawer and forget about them for the next time you need them, $0.585 will save you time and headaches.

sounds good.. and I agree with that direction... have you looked at the new extruder that printrbot has put out.. it uses a gear and a geared bearing... the driving gear has two gears... one that pressed the filament thru as normal.. then the outer gear drives the geared bearings... so both function as a driving gear.. and they are both quite small... I think if you take a look and tell me what you think.. I too want to drive the soft stuff thru a bowden setup.. take a look at the spool / extruder combo setup that I designed.. I have it running now and it works great.. in terms of the filament having the best path of least resistance.. I am planning on throwing your extruder on the next one I print.. the mount will be angled even higher so that the bowden tube is aimed higher .. look at my prototype example that I made of wood.. in the pics... also I am adding a bearing setup to the bottom so I can support more varieties of spool types... which right now only fits colorfabb spools.. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:561092

oh.. and 603zz bearings.....ordered

Bowden spool holder for with extruder mount many spools supported

Hi Dan I looked at the Printbot extruder is different I saw that instead of having a smooth bearing pressing against the drive gear they made it "hobbed" for a lack of a better word, I am guessing it would give it more grip against the filament looks like a nice concept.
I have not tried to use soft PLA through this extruder, to tell you the truth I like geared extruders so I have to change the setup in one of my machines to test it and I have not gotten around it yet.
Nice spool/extruder holder I like them, let us know how they work with this extruder.

Printing this one now.. .. testing the printrbot geared extruder.. it works pretty great.. only jams when the hotend does.. other than that it just keep pushing that filament thru.. works fine PLA.. will try flex soon. but I ordered some 3.0mm fill by mistake and get a 15$ 3.0mm bowden tube and hotend.. so I will try this extruder for that.. I absolutely found that it is critical to get the fill path on the extruder as close to the gear as possible.. this does that!

You got your bearings fast, did they come from China? I am glad the extruder is working out for you, I am curious to hear how it works with Ninjaflex I have not gotten around to test the extruder with that material.

I think more people would use this is there was a 608 bearing version of the tension part.