Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

P3Steel lasercut version 2.01

by AndrewBCN Dec 3, 2014
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Will all the parts off my CTC Prusa i3 Clone from ebay fit into this frame? Which version would be best?

very nice work... Can I laser cut this frame on 3mm plywood instead of steel...?

Too bad this never caught on in the USA because still today there is not a single USA supplier that can be found for some odd reason.

which is the thickness of the iron plate ?
because the interlocking holes are wider ?

Just wanted to mention that the first batch of P3Steel 2.01 frames was laser cut here in Barcelona last Friday! This Monday I went to check the quality of this first batch at the offices of MakershopBCN and I am very happy to report that it's excellent: the cuts are very clean and precise and the steel is very high grade structural steel. And the best thing: all parts fit perfectly as intended and I didn't mess anything up in Irobri's original brilliant design. I'll post pictures of an assembled 2.01 frame ASAP.

Hi Andrew, nice work on the modifications. I'm currently transforming my i3 into a P3SteelMM (a redesign of the P3Steel) but I would like to include your changes. I'm already done with the extended Y length, but I can't figure out which holes are you talking about here (and what are they for):
"Two 3mm holes have been added along the sides of the front Y-axis subframe, one on each side."
I'll publish the redesign as soon as I finish it, if you don't mind.

Hi Aurelio,
I changed as little as possible with the original design version 2.0 by Irobri because in my opinion there was little to improve on an almost perfect design, and any significant changes would have resulted in a heavier, less compact and more expensive to laser cut frame, hence detracting from some of the desirable qualities achieved by the original design.
You'll notice stretching the frame from 341mm to 350mm resulted in minimal increases in the total amount of steel used and in the length of the laser cutter tool path, so that was an "acceptable" improvement to me and it gives P3Steel builders a little bit more flexibility along the Y-axis to achieve the largest possible print volume (within the limits of the heated bed, of course).
The two holes you refer to, are for two M3 screws possibly used to attach optional accessories or wire guides. Compare the front part of the left and right gussets with Irobri's original parts and you'll find them easily. In my case I plan to use them to attach a pair of flexible USB LED lights.
As you can see all the small changes I made to the original design by Irobri have a purpose and their number and scope are strictly limited.
Regarding the P3SteelMM from Moebyus Machines, I don't see it as much of an improvement over Irobri's original version 2.0, for various reasons, but that is just my personal opinion.