Modified Open Source Syringe Pump Parts

by pyrohmstr Dec 4, 2014
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For what dimensions are these files calibrated?
I mean, in the original project the scad files let me set very easily which motor I needed to use (NEMA17 or NEMA11), and the diameter of the syringe. Since you provide us with the stl files, the parts must have been designed for a specific syringe dimension and motor. Which are these? The only way to change them is via 3d software like blender?


Oof. I honestly don't remember. I just use this thing as a paperweight these days (still have it lol). It has a NEMA 17 motor - but these are just the files that hold the syringe. I think it was a BD 20ml - you can see more photos here: http://www.appropedia.org/Lynch_open_source_syringe_pump_modifications I don't have a 20ml on hand right at the moment, just 40's for some reason.

At the time I didn't really know CAD so I just used Blender to directly edit the STL files. This was actually my application to engineering school... 4+ years later this obviously wasn't the best idea in retrospect.

I see you've commented on here a few times. If you need something specific maybe we can collaborate.

Sorry I didn't understand if these parts are only the ones modified from the orignal model or they are everything needed to build the pump up.


It’s only the changed parts.

Could you post the Openscad design files for these?

(Hint: STL is not Open "Source"...)


You can find the OpenSCAD libraries here: http://www.appropedia.org/Open-source_syringe_pump

As for STLs not being open source, I disagree with you. If the product is the physical printed object then an STL file is certainly a source. Making those STLs open and freely available certainly falls under the open source term. As for the file-format itself... I guess that depends how you feel about 3D Systems.

Either way, I just edited the original STLs directly in Sketchup/Blender. These files posted here are the most raw files I have.