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More Customizable Stretchlet Bracelet

by MakerBobDesigns Mar 6, 2013
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I like this design and the customization options are great, but I am having a really difficult time getting any slicer to handle it with printable results. I first tried Slic3r within Repetier-Host and I immediately get a warning that the mesh is not watertight and needs repair. I tried repairing it in netfabb (both the downloadable free version and the online service at modelrepair.azurewebsites.net) and still get the same errors. If I go ahead and try slicing it anyway, I get weird g-code that has the extruder jumping all around the perimeter doing it in bits and pieces instead of following the contour in one seamless path. I also tried KISSlicer and it also raises mesh problem warnings and if I slice anyway I get serious holes and gaps in various places.

I also have similar problems with Emmett's original stretchlet design.

So I am wondering, is anyone else having these problems? If not, what slicer software and settings are you using to get a nice seamless path around the edge?

Thanks a lot for your Design. It's amazing!!!

Since version 1.1 locked down the input possibilities in Customizer, I thought I should figure out just how customizable this bracelet is. I put all the possibilities into an Excel spreadsheet, and there are 15,160,481,280 possible bracelets to make before I add any more options. 15 billion different bracelets even if you can't make one that will fit around a tow truck!

Nice, I was meaning to do this, but now I don't have to. Glad to see more people using OpenSCAD.

I would love any pointers you have if you see anything in my code that could be improved. I am not super happy with the spacing on the horizontal and vertical bands. I will be updating this as I figure out more Open SCAD.