by MakerBot Dec 6, 2014
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Excuse my obvious question, but is this a functional Nutcracker? Can it crack actual nuts?

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What is the small part that prints along with the belt for?

It fits in the moving arm at the back, to "complete" the belt. ;)

I cannot get past this issue with the head file where the print fails at the same layer. It happens around layer 135ish. When I come back to the machine after some time and find this, the extruder is skipping along and the filament is stuck in the hotend but the nozzle is still maintaining 250C so it is not temp related. I'm thinking maybe I have an issue with fine causing my slicing software to disable the extruder for to long or retract for to long causing a bind with my filament? Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Hi im struggling with the boot band comes out smooth with no holes at all any 1 had this problem

Since I failed to print the head: has a gap of about 10-20 layers around the eyes.
I checked the part and found 112 errors. Then I repaired the part and uploaded it as a remix.

So, please check the 'preview' of the model in you slicer before you print. If needed use the fixed part I uploaded here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2645827

Nutcracker (fixed parts only)

Thanks! I'll try this one. I've been struggling with the head

Great design,
The Library will love it for their display.
Would you happen to have a Santa Claus like this one?

Thank you again.

Anybody have an idea how you make this surface not snooth with fusion 360 like here with the nutcracker model?

When I tried to print the bottom body section along with the arms and the back portion, or even when I tried with either or of those other parts the slicer decided the first layer of the bottom body should start on layer 3, resulted in a failed print at layer 3...

Thought someone should know.

die Arme sollten die gleiche Oberflaeche bekommen wie die Jacke ...

I am guessing the bazillion faces on some of the parts like the body top/bottom & arms etc. was done to obtain a certain look?
Takes forever to print tho, ugh.

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It took me 205 hours to print in Hatchbox wood. Definitely a labor of love lol

This oldie but goodie was just featured on our Best of 3D Printing Holiday blog over at 3D Start Point: http://3dstartpoint.com/best-of-holiday-3d-prints-for-christmas-and-hanukkah/

I am new to 3d printing, and I am trying to print this nutcracker, but the first part that I am trying to make is the bootsbottom file, and I cannot get the Print Studio software to add any infill to the part. I have tried increasing the infill all the way to 100%, but it is still hollow, so it is soft and weak after printing. The file opens with Autodesk Meshmixer, then I have to send it to Autodesk Print Studio for use with a dremel 3d20 printer. any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

i am not familiar with Print Studio either i would recommend a different slicer program like Cura or Slic3r to use and Cura is free

Thanks for the recommendation. I was able to figure it out. I needed to select make solid in meshmixer, then the infill worked properly.

I am not familiar with the Print Studio software. Is it a slicer? Since you are just starting, it might help to use Cura of Slic3r instead.

Thanks for the recommendation. I was able to figure it out. I needed to select make solid in meshmixer, then the infill worked properly.

A question. Since this is CC-NC licensed how is it that I can order a print of it? Who receives the order and prints the parts?

NC means you can't print it to sell. It doesn't mean you can't pay someone to print it for you.

So is not the person/company doing the printing "selling" it to me? As a violation? And if so why can't I print it for somebody else and be paid for my time and materials? Not trying to be obtuse. Seems inconsistent to me.

The difference is in one case, you take the design to someone to be printed. They can charge for material and labor. It is the customer who chose the design. In the other case, someone who prints the design ahead of time with no customer request for it is where it becomes commercial.

So if I put several suggested examples of printable things up on a page (like oh say Thingiverse), but each one is built to order and likely customized in some way (color?) by the client then that is legit? Seems like splitting hairs to me. The key component being "on demand". Hmm...

No, it is not on demand, but who makes the request. In your example, you are advertising the product which moves it into the commercial area. You can advertise the fact that you can do the printing, but it is the customer that has to bring you the model.

The print hubs are saying, "I can print an STL file you send me." In your example, they are saying, "here are some files that I have that I can print for you." It is a subtle difference, but an important one.

I am replying via my phone so I may not be as clear as I need to be.

Very nice!! thanks. Printed one, and everything just click together.
Thanks a lot!

First, incredible work! I've printed two now, one in red and one in blue, and they are both fantastic.

I'm curious, much of this, particularly the hat, the surface appears to have a crinkled look versus the usual 3d printed lines from the edges of the filament. How did you create this nice finish?

This is the coolest thing to come off of my printer in four years.

You mention rod that goes through the head and cracker piece. Did I miss the stl file for this piece? Can you tell me where it is?

Great design!!!

It is the long, tall piece in the irisandclips.stl file.

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Any suggestions on how to get the parts to snap together without the tabs breaking? Specifically the ones at the end of the legs that go into the body. I have had two sets of legs where one of the two tabs on the two connectors would break when trying to assemble. I think one of them on the boot also broke, but it is not as obvious as the legs did.

This tends to happen with pins like this when they are vertically oriented in printing. For these type of pins, you really want to print them horizontally so that the layers add strength to the pin, instead of vertically, where the layers give it plenty of places to break.

Unfortunately, with this model, most of the pieces are designed to print with the pins pointing up. Either you can use glue and just ignore the broken pins, or rotate everything 90 degrees and print with supports.

I started using eSun's PLA Pro filament. It has a lot more flexibility and after switching, didn't break any more pins.

I squirted a bit of hot glue between the tabs on my parts.

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I used white lithium grease and it seemed to help... this took me a while to figure out. At the beginning I broke the pegs on the legs and ended up drilling a hole in the boots and legs and then gluing in a dowel rod. It worked really well, but was a pain

you might try heating the tabs with a hair dryer to get them more pliable.

Great design.

I made this with a royal purple coat. It looks great. I haven't assembled it as I made it as a Christmas gift for my sister who collects Nutcrakers. I'll let her assemble it. Sorry, no pictures.

I'm using a MakerBot Replicator 2x and I did find one item I had problems with printing. The HAT STRAPS kept breaking free of the build plate when they were almost done, so I added rafts. Still the same problem. I then increased the extruder temp to 232deg and the plate temp to 112 deg with the rafts on and that worked fine. No need for supports.

BTW, i'm working with ABS.

These settings worked for me on this item. All other items were printed at normal extruder temp 230deg and plate temp at 110deg with no rafts and no supports.

I can't get the hat straps to print, they get to about 70% then fall over, tried with a raft as well (replicator 2x)
Any ideas?

Im having problem with the hat straps as well, anyone find a solution?

Helper discs on the corners...I use them on so many prints...saves me from MUCH frustration!
Also, I run my heated bed @90 degrees C and print primarily ABS with great results. Also, ABS juice is a must!

Try increasing your extruder and plate temperatures. I had to increase mine slightly to get it to stick better to the build plate.
extruder to 232 deg and build plate to 112 deg. still using rafts. No supports.

See my full comment posted just a few mins ago.

I upgraded the software on the makerbot, cleaned everything, levelled the bed, added rafts, and it finally printed. Had a similar issue with the moustache as well.

Try supports maybe? The new Desktop by Makerbot (3.4.1) along with the latest Firmware is great. The raft and supports are easily removable.

What is the height of the completed nutcracker? Looks great!

could someone upload the g-code for the hat (sliced at .1 mm. I can't seem to get it to slice it with cura or repetier)

someone else's G code won't help you out unless your machines are identical. That's about as likely to happen as two people having the same DNA. run the model through Netfabb web or free edition and clean it up or try another slicer like slic3r or Craftware.

thank you for replying, i will try your suggestions.

Awesome! Everything prints great!

I'm using S3D for slicing and have had no issues slicing and printing the hat.

The only problem that I've had so far is that the left arm did not sit perfectly flat on the bed which resulted in a slight issue in S3D. I got around this by splitting the arms into two separate STL files and rotating the left arm slightly.

Almost finished with the model, looking absolutely fantastic so far.


the hat does not seem to print. slices fine but comes back with 0 layers

That looks Awesome!!!

Does it really crack nuts? Or is it just a decoration piece?

It cracks nuts too :) Just be sure to increase the infill on the mouth parts (lever and face), otherwise, the pieces will break.

I was going to ask that too, but i think that if it's a working model, then PLA should be hard enough.. Or Polycarbonate def..

I'm curious too,
This worked great for me, although it needs a longer screw to get small nuts cracked


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