Rifle Foregrip

by Chedwards Dec 6, 2014
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Does anyone have any comments regarding printing this in PLA vs ABS?

I printed the regular size and it failed due to support issues. Can someone recommend support setting that will work to get center of the base going?

Hey I know its years later but I was wondering if you could make one without the middle finger tab? If not is there any way I could get the STEP file? I know there is a remix but it is low poly and an original would look much better.Thanks!

I went and added one of each original design with out the finger notch. And actually thanks for asking for the change. The last time I uploaded the source .ipt files someone requested, I had somehow deleted the originals from my computer and wouldn't have noticed it. Let me know if you still want the parts as STEP files.

Thanks so much! This is literally perfect and exactly what I needed!

Yeah, I'll see what I can do.

Hi, can you upload the cad file that i can change the nut size.. M5.. the regular one..

I uploaded the file.

thanks!!! i will upload like remix

I have a airsoft gun with a 3 inch length Picatinny rail. I've already printed the grip and it doesn't fit. Could you if possible make a version of the grip that can fit on a 3 inch Picatinny rail?

Is the short version too large?

Yes its too large.

I made a shorter one that 3 inches long. It's uploaded with the other filesLet me know if the bolt hole needs to be re-positioned.

Just printed it yesterday it fits perfectly. Thanks again

Okay, I'll see what I can do.

There is a problem with the file. I'm unable to print the grip.

Can you describe the problem you are having in more detail?

My printer won't even put down the first layer of filament. It then unextrudes the filament. I was able to print it once then the problem occurred. Can you see if something is wrong on your end?

That sounds like a printer problem unless you downloaded the .ipt file instead of the .stl. Can you get your printer to print normally with a different file? That would rule out the file being bad.

Other files have printed normally. This is the only file that is acting weird

I tried downloading all the .stl files and starting them on my printer and didn't have any issues. Which file were you trying to print? Also you said the printer unextrudes the filament. Can you provide more detail on that? What printer are you using and could you have switched material settings before printing? I'm trying to think of what else can be causing what you described.

I tried printing the afg_v2_short_rescale file. I have a Monoprice mini and when I insert the filament into the printer to make it work. This file undoes that

That is very odd. I did some quick research and you might be having a firmware problem with the printer itself or an issue with your slicer. I'm not sure what else could be causing the problems you are incurring.

Is there any chance to get access to the source for this?

I'm interested in remixing it to mount to a M-LOK handguard.

Can you open a .ipt file?

I should be able to, using Fusion360.

I added it to the part files.

Comments deleted.

Which setup do you have in RAFT and Support?

What program are you using to print? In general this prints better if you drop the overhang support angle down to 45 degrees. Breakaway supports will work fine as long as its printed rail mount down. Look at the gcode compiled render before exporting the file. That will let you see each layer before its printed and judge if you need more supports.

Which setup do you have in RAFT and Support?

I'm assuming this would fit a regular 20mm rail, please correct me if I'm wrong

I forget the rail dimentions but it was designed for regular picatiny rails.

I forget the rail dimentions but it was designed for regular picatiny rails.

Why make it so it has to be scaled, why not create it at actual print size? Looks great though. Skeptical on printing it though, due to scaling....

I am sorry for taking so long to answer this post. I have fixed the scaling issue. The object opens at full scale in Makerbot desktop.

I am totally new to CAD, 3D printing, all this great stuff. So please don't shot me if I say something crazy, lol. Can this be scaled by using Matter Control? If so, to what scale? Thank you

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I fixed the scaling issue. My Inventor likes exporting .stl at 1/10.

No worries, best things come to those who wait! You just made my day and just in time for my birthday! God bless

I printed this at 1000% with a raft and supports. It has a ton of slop in it on the rail and does not fit snugly. I tightened it down to a point where it would be snug but it cracked. I will try printing it at 990% (133.65mm long instead of 135mm) to see if it is a better fit

Were you able to figure out a proper scale?

My aunt pulled the plug on my printer while this was printing so it never finished. I ended up getting a Magpul for my birthday and never got around to starting the print again, sorry.

No worries, thanks for the info!

what dimensions do i need to mount this on an M4 carbine hand guard with 20mm pitcanny rails?

what type of rails does this fit on? pitcanny or weaver?

Comments deleted.

Ah, after scaling myself I see you say use 1000%. Oops lol. 8-32 nuts and bolts worked for me with a little heat treatment to ease them in there. I am thinking it should be printed straight up so that the rail doesn't put as much force in between the layers, although that will take longer and certainly require a raft.

I printed mine as you recommend and it has started to crack, but that is also probably due to the fact that my ABS was printed without enclosure building up stresses in the layers from cooling. Once it breaks I'll try printing as stated above (and probably with PLA) and see if the results are better. Nice job though, this is a really cool grip! I've wanted to try running one of these for a while.

What size bolts should be used on this? I tried M5, and the nuts fit great, but the bolt heads wouldn't fit.
M4 was too small.
Also, I found that 1000% was too big, I'm going to try 990

I used 8-32 x 1" round head bolts and with a little heat they fit nicely.

on witch unit should it be if im rescaling it using cura for a sierra one

There are two ways I've scaled it in Cura. The first is keep uniform scaling on and just increase the scale from 1.0 to 10.0. The second is the longest section should be 135mm. Be sure to print the rail side down with supports and I recommend rafts to prevent warping. As for the rail you mention, check to see if they match the dimensions of standard picatinny rails. Good luck.

do you need to use full support with this model or just touching build plate

It sounds like you using Cura. I recommend printing with full support.

Im trying to use replicatorG but it wont load properly I keep getting errors

I don't have any experience using replicatorG. What printer are you using?

had the same issue in rep-g i ended up using slic3r and then scaled it by 10x and exported to SD card

The power spec 3d pro which is basicly a makerbot replicator dual

Comments deleted.

The scale is messed up on this file and the recommended scale multipliers (1000X and 11X) are wrong. Instead of that, why not fix the file or share the source so someone can do?

Ive tried to re-scale the .stl in my CAD program but ever time i save it to open in makerbot desktop or Cura, it shows up at 1/10th the proper size. Scaling the newest file to 10x or 1000% will print at the right size. the size varies from printer make and material used. Ive printed over 40 of these at 10x and they all fit.

Comments deleted.

What should the length be? I apparently need a different scaling than listed. when I scale it 10x it's 135mm long.

the length should be 135mm. for some reason every time I export the .stl to upload or print from, the object shows up at 1/10th the size it should be.

I've been waiting for this! thanks!

Printed 1000% the second version comes out to exactly 122mm. Fits well though the rail was about .5mm too narrow, but nothing that's not easy to fix. Slic3er made great default supports that snapped off perfectly.

I just reworked the file this week. Now its a bit bigger and the rail pattern fits.

How do you resize this?

To get this to scale I increased the size by 11x. Fits great on a picatinny rail.

I tried that. Nope.

The model has been updated since I made this comment. The description now reads "Here is a foregrip that attaches to a picatinny rail. Scale this file 1000%. I just loaded a new design that attaches on the rails better. "

Thanks for the feed back.