Overhang Test Print (Customizable)

by walter Mar 7, 2013
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That use <write/Write.scad> - where do I find that?

What printer did you print this out with? I tried it on a printrbot simple and the resolution is so poor that I can't even see the numbering. Not to mention, only possibly the 45 degree overhang succeeded.

I had the same sort of result, then I tweaked around with the settings from default and have improved the results so that the 25 degree overhang is successful, The 20 and 15 are still a challenge. I had to slow the outside perimeter speeds down, over-volted (12v to 28v!) my non-stock twin cooling fans and took down the extrude temperature 10c. I'm still playing around a bit with the extrusion multiplier.

Very cool advancement of my printing test. I like it when people are inspired by others and take their design, improve or alter it, and give it back to the community.

Great work. I really admire your presentation of printed parts. What material do you use as a base when you shoot your objects? Are you using soft boxes?

Thanks! I use a folding light tent, usually with a flash on either side (this one was shot without flashes though. I shoot most of the parts on a thin sheet of brushed aluminum from McMaster Carr (I actually bought it for something else entirely, but haven't gotten around to using it yet). It's a convenient surface, somewhat reflective, can be more white or grey depending on the lighting, and doesn't need to be cleaned as often as other things I've tried.