Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Customizable Concrete Mold

by Ratmax00 Mar 8, 2013
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I noticed that you removed the large aggregate rock from the concrete. I believe, if you purchase mortar cement, it is the same just without the large rocks. Just an idea.

I have been trying to design my own molds in PLA, however, I have not been able to make complex forms as they are hard to get out of the mold even though there are no trapping areas.

The molds I've made were all multi-part and I do have some experience with making brick-molds, silicone molds, latex molds and plaster molds.

Would you know of a lubricant that is usable to help loosen the molds from the castings? It's nice to see you also filter your concrete. I hate those little rocks in my concrete. If only there was a commercially available concrete without those pesky rocks in it! (They don't sell it in any supply-store here in the Netherlands).

You might want to get into Pinterest and do a search there for mold releases. There are some specialy for concrete. I recommend trying quickcretes concrete counter top mix for a really smooth sexy looking concrete. No lumps, clumps or rocks with this. More pricey though. They also offer a mold release as well if I am not mistaken. Good luck.

Try a form of cooking spray (PAM) or even carnuba wax may work for you.

Okay, I'll have to try out more, we don't have PAM in the Netherlands, well, haven't seen it here.

I tried corn oil, ptfe spray (tefspray) and bearing grease, but all of them influenced the setting of the concrete.

sorry there are 2 part injection molds , great work , this is it !!!!! make some more yes yes

i hope will see some 2 part injection molds . gtrz eddy

Your Replicator is far, far, too clean, sir.

Hah! I was lucky the build was large enough and the missing/lifted Krylon spots (character) were hidden. The back looks extremely clean, but now the front needs to be vacuumed, as I swept everything forward (just out of reach of the camera). It's like a mini, multi-colored filament, Hoarders episode at the front of my Makerbot.