OpenSCAD Chess

by TimEdwards Dec 9, 2014
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Note that the finish depends critically on using the split models and printing them in that orientation with wood filament. It's what makes the "wood grain" look show up. The only drawback is that the stain wanted to seep into the split down the middle and make it noticeably darker. It worked much better with the light stain, where the seam is barely visible.

The finish looks amazing! I need to try this...

What did you do to get different colors, dark pieces and white pieces?

Did you make a chess board too ?

I used eSUN wood-fill filament, which is a very light color (I believe it is made from bamboo). I then stained the pieces with dark and light stains, which worked very well on the wood filament.

Yes, I also printed the chessboard, and made the squares from the same wood filament using the same stains. The chessboard is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:957958


I learned about svg format and how to import svg files into OpenSCAD. All the pieces are well made, but I especially like the knight!

I like it very much ) thank u for the opportunity to learn about beautiful chess! my my six year old son was impressed. Greetings from Moscow.

It's a hole-and-peg method. If you're printing with 1.75mm filament, the holes are designed to fit a short length of the filament right off the spool. Just grab a spool, jam the end of the filament into the hole, then cut it a few mm above the hole so that it sticks out like a peg. The peg then not only aids in aligning the two sides, but is also a very strong support for holding them together.

how do you connect the two halves? I see there is a space for a connector. I have never made a print like this before. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

can you send me in Private ( [email protected] ) again: http://www.thingiverse.com/download:1414256
Because I can't Printed normally.
I chacked Minimagics and says :error!
Thank You.

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That horse was made in OpenSCAD? O_o wow!

Sorry, no, that would be a little too extraordinary to be true. Fortunately OpenSCAD has an "import STL file" function, which I rely on to pull in anything non-geometric. The horse was designed (mostly) in wings3D. Zheng3 made significant improvements (in what software, I don't know), adding the much nicer mane, flaring the nostrils, and improving the position of the head. Finally, I pulled that back into wings3D and widened the muzzle, repositioned the ears, and cleaned up a few wayward vertices. Then it was ready to import as a complete object into OpenSCAD. The queen's crown could probably be done in OpenSCAD with the right series of cuts, but again, it was easier to import the STL from the previous chess set, with a few minor tweaks in wings3d (mostly subdividing the mesh so the facet boundaries don't show). Everything else in the chess set is done with OpenSCAD primitives.