Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Game Controller Comfort Grips for Nintendo 3dsXL

by Trezhunter Dec 10, 2014
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I'm thinking of designing something like this myself for my o3ds that has a 3rd party battery that changes the shape of the bottom. I'm wondering how you got the dimensions for your ds, because I have no idea how to go about that part of it.

Yo Lateimew333!
So I was lucky and I was able to be able to use "Nintendo 3DS XL Base" by GaryJohnson to make the basic design.
You may be able to use a model like "Nintendo 3DS model" by javaco.

There will be clearance issues. Mine initially wasn't exactly spot on, but tweaks and revisions were made after the first 3 test prints didn't work exactly rite. :) I just used a digital caliper to determine how much to move things and make measured adjustments, mostly by creating specific sized boxes and attaching to Gary's design, as a sort of clearance guide. You can do the same thing, measuring the dimensions the 3rd part batt pack, measure it's placement from the edges of the bottom face, and then measuring it's protrusion while attached. Then create a box to represent it and attach it to javaco's model.

A digital caliper is a cheap must-have for any maker. If you don't have one, get one..Heck, get two! :D

I've looked at the model by Javaco and there are quite a few things that don't match up with the actual console, so I'm going to have to find the dimensions myself and make my own model. The only thing I think I might have a problem with are the chamfers, since as far as I can tell there no way to measure them accurately with a caliper, but it will probably turn out fine with some trial and error. Thank you very much for the help.

Yea for sure. I have the exact same issues with the chafmer. I was pretty insistent on making sure the handle mating with the edge left no clearance. You can try to gauge the start and apex of the chamfer with your caliper in mm as a difference to the overall length in mm, lay your box/object on a mm grid, and try to reproduce that start point on your edge. A little guestimation + plenty of trial an error will eventually yield you a result that works. Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing your work!

how long is the actual grip because mine seems way to short but everything else is fine

the grips are 2.4" on the handle, 3.5" for the full side piece of the grip. The intention was to use the grip handle as more of the palm piece, not a finger hold. I've thought about making them a tiny bit bigger, but I wanted to keep the overall profile portable.

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hey dose it work on the new 3ds xl?

no, unfortunately they're too different

But in theory it should work. The n3DS XL is just a copy of the 3DS XL, except that the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom center and the WiFi/NFC switch got removed. That's literally all that happened to the n3DS XL.

Hi ThaLiy,

Almost... but not quite. Aside from the new 3dsXL actually having slightly different dimensions (longer, taller, AND thinner), the SD Slot is relocated, the game cartridge slot is relocated to the front, the accessory holes have moved/combined into lanyard loop, the IR port has moved over, charge slot is relocated, Start and Select are relocated, power button relocated, new analog stick, the stylus port is relocated, the mic was relocated (no idea where), the volume slider was relocated, there are extra bumper ZL and ZR buttons, and the clamshell shape appears to very slightly changed so the edge bevel seems to run a longer sweep in some areas and a harder edge in others.

So most of the new physical changes don't affect the basic design I created.. Heck, they even simplify it! The rest seem seem like an easy fix too right?! ( Well, in theory anyways. ;)

Close some holes, makes some new holes, redesign the the central clasp piece to move the top bars around and alter the wire organizer a bit, but all, of course, after tweaking the dimensions and accounting for modified edge bevel.
So why not give a remix a try yourself?

Ooh ! Looks great ! =D Definitely gotta try it !

say is it possible for you to make ds,dsl and dsi versions of this?

Sorry. Wish Icould, but I don't have a regular DS, DSi, or DSL, so wouldn'tbe able to test the prototypes.

Can you make a normal 3ds one?

Only if I had a normal 3ds.

Could you possibly scale it down to a 3ds size?

As I said before.. I don't have a 3ds..
I have an XL.
If you are willing to send me one (working or not), I'd be more than glad to design one for you.