K8200/3Drag E3D v6 HotEnd extruder mount with fan

by Area51 Dec 13, 2014
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how did you connect the heat sink fan to the velleman board? or do you know a way to connect it to a raspberry pi?

I have the E3D heat sink fan connected always on - as it is a very low noise fan (Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX 40mm fan).
Fan power is taken from +12V and 0, but I can't guide you with the original K8200 board, as I replaced mine with a RAMPS 1.4 board some time ago.

I recommend using the low noise 40mm fan version (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:636715), with Noctura or similar. To my knowledge all 30mm fans are noisy.

K8200/3Drag E3D v6 HotEnd extruder mount for 40mm fan
by Area51

would you be able to show me your setup for the ramps 1.4 board because i might need to switch boards

My k8200 configuration is highly modified and the cabling is brand new, so it's difficult to guide you on how to switch to RAMPS.
Both the RAMPS and 3Drag controller is well described on the web - take a look before switching.
You will probably also have to customize a Marlin firmware for the modified printer.

do i need to buy anything besides the e3d hotend?

If the E3D version you use includes the four fan screws that will work.
On the picture is shown two M3x8 screws to make it easier to install the fan mount - As I remember it, they are not part of the K8200 kit or E3D, but any similar M3 screw will do.
If you are concerned about fan noise I will recommend the 40mm fan version (use it myself) as you can get a very quit printer.

Hello Area51 - can you tell us where you ordered this E3D V6 printer head from ?
Can you also give exact model for K8200 - as variants exist of E3D V6


Hi Gazelle_001

The one I have are from 3D Online and is the 3mm direct full 12V kit. Nozzle is 0.4mm.

Great work, I just mounted one on my printer. Works great!

Can you add a version with 40x40 fan?

Yes I am considering adding a 40x40mm fan version as I think the 30x30mm fan is very noisy. Haven't been able to find a quiet 30x30 fan.
Let me know if you are willing to test a 40mm fan design?
This would speed things up...

oh, thanks for reply!

yes i can try you mounting without problems. Yesterday i accidentally broke my own and i need some of more stable and hard. The only thing i suggest is to modify the two top screw mounting hole, i think you need to add more material for give stability and hardness! ;)

Thank you :)
I uploaded a version for 40mm fan http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:636715.
Just in the process of printing it now.. Please leave feedback at the new location.

K8200/3Drag E3D v6 HotEnd extruder mount for 40mm fan
by Area51