Candy filled rocket

by audin Dec 13, 2014
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Having the same issue with this as with the original - fins don't attach to the body.

I know at least Cura will slice it correctly.

I ended up redoing the model as a loft in Fusion 360. Couldn't get cura to slice it properly either at a high layer height.

Tried this a couple of times and it looks great but won't fit together. The top is about 1mm too large.

Did you clean up the 'squish' from the part of the nose that was attached to the build plate? That is probably enough additional diameter to keep it from fitting.

I got the bayonet fitting figured out for my rocket plane:

Rocket Plane Candy Container
by mech-G

Great Idea ! It might also be possible to make a twist-on bayonet-style coupling to keep the nose on. Oh, darn - I just created another project for myself, didn't I.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayonet_mount

It would be a bit of a challenge to make the bayonet mount remain spiral-printable, but I think it would work at larger sizes and if the 'female' portion of the mount were made with troughs rather than full cut-outs.

Yes, I was thinking the bayonet elements would be troughs and bumps, so as to preserve the spiral-printability. But it would also be good to have an opening that would allow you to remove a few pieces of candy at a time without having to remove the nose completely.

I thought about splitting the rocket higher up, so that just the 'nose cone' was removable. That would allow easier candy delivery. At the time I rejected that idea since I thought the slope there would not provide a very good joint between the two pieces. But maybe if the top of the main body had vertical dents worked into it to help provide a mating surface...