DJI Inspired (3D Printable Quad / Multirotor) Upgrades

by QuadFramesUK Dec 14, 2014
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How to get my fingers on this model? I don’t know who I should contact for the files.

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I really like the progress on this model. Im guessing given your talent, have you tried making a real inspire 1 shell ??

Might be cool for the Inspire 1 owners.
I would sign up for some frame parts, camera mounts etc. Things that take time to arrive from DJI that have me grounded right now lol.

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WOW i really LOVE this design.
Im still printing the parts.

I was lucky ordering all required parts at Banggood Sale and got up to 11% Discount on almost every part:


Thank you soo much!

How would you go about incorporating the sonar sensors, is their a guide on that?

What is the total weight?
What is the weight of the frame?
How long is the flight?
What motor and battery did you use?
Sorry for the many questions, but I was very interested in the project.

Dommage que le dossier soit incomplet, et qu'il faille acheter pour avoir le reste des pieces... sur le site mis en publicité

I'm looking for a custom adapter for my Inspire. I'm looking for an adapter to attach to the gimbal as you would normally attach the x3/x5/x5R. But on the opposite end I'd like there to be a 1/4-20 female thread for a screw. Would I be able to contract you to do this??

I'm looking for a custom adapter for my Inspire. I'm looking for an adapter to attach to the gimbal as you would normally attach the x3/x5/x5R. But on the opposite end I'd like there to be a 1/4-20 female thread for a screw. Would I be able to contract you to do this??

I'm looking for a custom adapter for my Inspire. I'm looking for an adapter to attach to the gimbal as you would normally attach the x3/x5/x5R. But on the opposite end I'd like there to be a 1/4-20 female thread for a screw. Would I be able to contract you to do this??

This design is so lousy, you don't imagine. I built it all. It's just a misery. I ended up redesigning EVERYTHING from scratch, it was THAT bad. Here is the link to new design: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2736573

And the image: https://static.rcgroups.net/forums/attachments/6/3/8/7/7/4/a9467617-242-Untitled.jpg

if you had it to do all over a gain, would you?

Whats wrong with this design..?

No point in me printing if its no good - where are the STL's for your redesigned version.............?

Whats wrong with this design..?

No point in me printing if its no good - where are the STL's for your redesigned version.............?

Whats wrong with this design..?

No point in me printing if its no good - where are the STL's for your redesigned version.............?

I decided to make my STLs public. I will post them on openinspired.org early january. Too busy now, no time for this.

Whats wrong with this design..?

No point in me printing if its no good - where are the STL's for your redesigned version.............?

Whats wrong with this design..?

No point in me printing if its no good - where are the STL's for your redesigned version.............?

Whats wrong with this design..?

No point in me printing if its no good - where are the STL's for your redesigned version.............?

Hi Vlad, are you willing to share your new design with people who want to build one for themselves? I'm ready to build one but the rcgroups thread looks like it's not available to the public?


Hi shawn. Yes it will be public. Project is done, ready for release. I will release stls at openinspired.org website. Stay tuned. I will try to release early january after holidays.

it is not available for public only at this moment, becaus development is still in progress, but it is almost done. Send me PM OVER THERE as I will be gathering 3 more participants on Monday.

I paid and downloaded the models - pretty cool. In the rar file there were the stl files and a bunch of instructions in pdf but no BOM. I was led to believe there would be a bill of materials. Can someone send me one. I think I have paid for it.

I have one of that: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:160607.
Its F450 like. 2212 motors with APM 2.6.
But i liked your design to much.
Do you thing it can be possible to put my eletronics to your frame?
I can do some adjustmentes where necessary...

Spyda 500 Quadcopter
by Gyrobot

I have almost finished the complete print. Very nice design and if printed with the right infill, very light. I do however stuggle with placing some items. In picture #8 the top plate seems to be joined with the bottom plate. Is that file missing?

There will be version 3.0 available soon. Not sure how this one is called "upgrades". It is the first very lousy design. I see some changes, but weight is totally overlooked and not optimised.

Hello, I want to buy these files but I can't find them on http://www.blackboxrcdownloads.co.uk/
Can you help my?

Thank you

Hi, im not really that big on quad copters, so i was wondering if i could use your canopy design for a mech? also maybe even make a tripod version of this?

Hello! please share Frame_Bushing_Holder_Rear and Frame_Bushing_Holder_Front for 608ZZ mount

Anyone else having trouble buying the stl files from RcHobbysUk? Every time i click the add to cart button I get a message that says "There was an issue adding that product to your cart". RcHobbysUk has not responded to me so I am unable to get the files. Are the files posted here similar to what I would get if I bought the files on RcHobbysUK?

Those of you who build this model can you please comment on your builds? Before I start building my own I wonder about the following

Is Gimbal+Camera mounted?
Your flight time?
All upp weight. Write if it is with or without battery?
Motor model and propellers?
Which Flight controller do you use?


can i print this in a 6"x6"x6" printer?

Apologies, the different name threw me off. Great project ;)

Ahh yes my apologies as well, I forgot that we have recently changed name :) we have merged with another company and became BlackBoxRC

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Hi, can you please tell me if the Pixhawk FC fits and can be mounted in this design?

Hard to say since I already had some parts but I would estimate around $500-700 for this build.

Nice design. Been flying mine for a few weeks now.

Thanks for sharing Rcfiddy1 looks like a nice build. would you mind sharing your setup? motors and esc's etc.

Nice ! How much did you total build coast you ?

Have you thought about a 250 version?

I'm curious, how much does the servo and all the parts for the raising arms weigh? If its more than 250g, you might as well get retracts instead..

Is there instructions. theres nothing loaded in the tab, also wheres the new version files located. also is there files that mac can open.thanks

Could anyone explain how the servo is installed or for anyone who has built it, could you send me an image of the servo part of the quad. I am finding it hard to see where to put the servo and what kind of servo to buy. Thanks!

Can any of the parts for this be used as replace parts for an actual inspire 1?

I can't find the ESC piece/spacer/box that is used between the motor mount and foot in a couple of the closeup pictures.

Still alive this ?
Id like to Print my Quad tomorrow is there any manual ?
Which is the bigges Part? how big is it?

You have to buy the files for the parts on their website.

It was great to see your magnificent 3D work.
May I ask you a favor?
If it is possible, could you share the Inspire modeling file Rhino(3dm)?
joonseokpd@gmail.com is my email address. Thank you

Has anyone come up with the 3D Print files to print replace the case for the Inspire 1 Camera and Gimbel?

Does anyone have the 3D Print files to print the little plastic pieces that hold on the handle for the Inspire 1 carrying case?

I see your comment below that this design is suitable for a printer of 20cm x 20cm x 20cm. The print area on my printer is 15.5cm x 23cm x 14.5cm.

Will this work for me as well?

I'd say, download the biggest pieces and check them in your slicer.
You'll see soon enough wether you can print it or not
Thats how I always do it anyway

(my build space is a cylinder of 28cm in diameter and 35cm tall however...)

The problem would be that getting to the files themselves would represent a financial outlay upfront. Nonetheless, I've found out the answer to my question. It does work with my printer's dimensions.


Is there going to be a instruction manual and official parts list with all electronics included made at some point? I would love to start this project but fear I will waste my money if I do not have some instructions to follow.
Thank you.

Where can I buy or download all the files? Thanks!

Has anyone tried to convert this to 50% / 250 quad build? that would be awesome...

We have thought about a 250 size version. I'll ask our design team to look into it.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Is there the possibility to get the Files in Step or even in Solidworks?

That's a redesign by someone someone else and he has used a lot of our original parts for that by looking at the pictures.

If you watch his videos you can tell he doesn't know how to fly a quadcopter.

Because he doesn't know how to print parts for strength.

He is having printing problems due to de lamination, nothing to do with the design but the problem is with his printer settings. Ask Helifrek or Ian that have full builds flying and they will tell you if the parts are strong enough.

Do you guys have the drawings for the electronics? i just bought the STl files =)

You can find all of the info over on our website on the Forum. There is also a Forum on RcGroups that somebody has started and a lot of people are discussing setups etc there

Mine is finally in the air! I still have a little work to do cleaning up the wires and tightening some things but it flies!

Thanks again for the great work on this design RcHobbysUk!

Which motors did you use?

Multistar 4108 480Kv motors. (sorry for the late reply!)

There appears to be an error in the "Framework Arm Joint #1" and #2 prints. The hex profile for the M3 screw that secures the joint to the CF tube is much wider than a typical M3 nylock nut. It looks like it was designed for an M5 nylock nut because the flat width is 7mm. Since M5 nuts aren't on the list of hardware I assume this is a mistake?

There is a revised part download for that fix over on our website in the Forum

Please update your purchased file hyperlinks to the updated revisions so that buyers have the most current package first when they buy. Thanks for the info.

This is copyright infringement right?

I'm surprised they get away with it too. Still make me want to try and build one rather than pay $3000 for dji's.

Nope it's completly different in every way.

You mean it's slightly different is some ways? LOL, I kid. Thanks for making this great project available to the community! I commented on a possible error in the print that I downloaded from your purchase link. Please have a look to see if I'm correct.

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Ok I started. find my page

Is it possible that any one has a reworked main body without the support structures. I prefer to generate my own.
I am also busy making up and instruction Manuel. Any help would be appreciated. Found most except for one part.

You can find it on the forum on our website in the revised parts post

It's great model, several parted printed, more to go...
As Ingwe said, an exploded view with where the various length of screws go would be nice....

Also where can you find "M3 and M5 2D Helicoil Inserts" are you referring to the normal helicoil thread repair inserts?

I found them on ebay. $38 for the M3 inserts if you buy from the UK seller, $22 if you buy from China. Approximately equal shipping times too :(

Build instructions or help. .. seems fairly straight forward but not sure where some parts go?

I am not sure if I am confused on the motion program. If you purchase the stl's, are the program files for the arm motion included with the purchase?

What size are the propeller blades that you used for this build?

14-15 inch can go larger if you extend the arms.

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The store to buy the files down't work.

Any other sources for the files?

It does work because we have had sales today james.

Well it doesn't work for me, just trying to get the files before DJI's legal team get's rid of them.

I'll try with some different cards.

nice , is this to upgrade the inspire one or just to build from scratch . thanks

I can print almost every piece on my Printrbot Simple Metal. It will do 6"x6"x6". I see that the framework_main_body.stl has two pieces in the stl file. Can those be broken out into two stl files? I think I might be able to print both pieces if they were separate stl files.

Yes you can do this yourself with sli3er if you put the STL on the platter click split, delete one of the parts of the platter and then export it as an STL. Repeat that to export the other half.

Anyone have a final cost of building this roughly +/- $100? As I could tell there is no BOM available as of now. I'm sure I can source parts locally or even nationally. A 2 week international transit time and brutal shipping charges sway me from shipping nuts, bolts, and readily obtainable parts. This thing looks sweet!

$100 won't even buy you four motors from HK, then you'll still need the 4 ESCs, receiver, controller, radio, batteries, charger, props, carbon fiber tubes, wiring and misc. connectors, close to 100 screws and and just as many helicoil inserts and misc. hardware, a good MG servo for the landing mechanism and an arduino to control it.

If you can get REALLY good deals, order everything online from china and go with a barebones setup, I'm estimating around $500, ballpark.

If you want something really nice with FPV camera and a gimbal mount, get ready to dish out closer to $1000.

This is a really cool quad, but there's a very good reason that the model that this thing is based off of costs $3000.

Thank you for a reply. I was referring to the total cost to build this plus or minus $100. I was looking for someone who has built it to share their experience. For example: "It cost me $1136, 3 cases of beer, and a dead cat". I am well aware that the plastic and bolts alone will run me $100. Thank you anyway.

My apologies, I don't know how I read that wrong.

I've been pricing it out and thus far this is what I have. All electronics have been priced from Hobby King to make things simpler.

HKPilot Mega flight controller with GPS $150

Multistar 3508 motors $32 x 4

Afro Slim 20 amp ESC $14 x 4

Immersion RC 5.8Ghz FPV tx $70

Immersion RC 5.8Ghz FPV rx $60

2206 gimbal motors for 3d printed gimbal $14 x 2

Alexmos 2 axis gimbal controller $80

Props (pair) $12 x 2

Good MG servo, about $25

Turnigy 9XRPRO $100

3S pack for radio $13

OrangeRX module $30

Orange RX receiver $25

3000 mah 4s 20c batteries $20 x 3

charger $30

Arduino nano to run the servo and end stops - about $10

All the carbon fiber tube - from eBay, about $40

All the screws are fairly cheap, but better to buy online than to try and source local - helicoil inserts will get expensive, considering you need the tools as well; budgeting $150 for hardware.

I figured another $20 for miscellaneous wires and connectors.

That works out to $1099 US, plus shipping. You can save about $250 by leaving out the gimbal, Save another $125 by going with a basic flight controller. Between the radio, receiver and battery/charger, you should be able to save another $100 by going with cheaper stuff, but you'll have a hard time getting lower than $600 unless you already have some stuff.

Hope that helps you out a little more and anybody else who's thinking about making this. This is an involved project that will EASILY set you back over $1000.

Thank you that was exactly what I was looking for.

There is a BOM on the website.

I have been looking for a BOM unsuccessfully. I purchased the models and there was no BOM in the package. I was told I would be sent them. Nothing yet.

Can you please link to it? I am having a heck of a time finding a full bom. You site is truncating the forum heavily with chrome beta/chrome/dolphin/stock browser (yes i have 4 browsers installed) on my gs4.

Where are the other parts, I just see the main body and nose?

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This is a cool opensource design.

If you were selling this you would be committing copyright and trademark infringement with DJI but good thing you aren't.

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What is the size of the largest printed part? Just want to make sure I can actaully print this on my printer before i spend the money

It's printable using a standard sized printer 200 x 200 x 200mm

Hi Guys. Great job on this by the way. All printed now but got an issue with the ID of the "tube_T_joint 1 & 2. It's mesuring 17mm so a 16mm carbon tube is very sloppy. Lastly are the bearing 22mm OD?

All the best


I have just measured our printed arm joints and they measure 16.4mm in slicer under Advanced>Print Settings we have all of our extrusion widths set to 0 for more accurate prints. the Carbon Tube we are using is weaved fabric and has a measurement of 16.3mm.

Yes they are 608rr bearings 22x8x7 i think they measure.

I have not been able to print the main body no matter what setting I use. The included support doesn't sprint solid onto the bed like it looks. It tries to print tons of dots that don't stick to the plate. Any suggestions?

Hi Gaz. Some people did have problems printing it with the added support and some didn't. I did upload a revised main body on our blog at Rchobbysuk.co.uk for people to download but you must have missed it and any downloads now include it. If you add a comment to our blog and tick the send me notifications via email you will get emails for any updates in the future.

If you contact me through our website we will send you the revised main body without support so you can generate your own through the gcode generator that you are using.

ok , thanks for your prompt reply , i checked my spare motors a and they have 16/19/25mm mounting hole so according to Multistar spec (19/25mm) it should be ok ( this is great as i have 6 of these motors in my spare parts ).


That's great I thought it would have been the standard mounting sizes. The larger has 2 sets of mounting holes so you can mount them to either.

Hi again , i have another question ,about the mini arduino pro , i already own a mini arduino , does the code would be available freely or do i have to buy the item from your site ? of course i would prefer to use the one i already own ;)

Unfortunately the developer sells the board to use with the code already loaded

Hello RcHobbysUK , print has started and hardware has been ordered :)
would like to thanks for this great work and hope i will be able to mount this frame .
Would it be possible to use 4220 motors ? (enought room ? )
Also do you plan to make a build guide ? that would be cool to avoid any mistake

again thanks for miking this available to us at nice price :)

Thank you.
If the hole mountings are the same as the multistar 41 sized motors it should be fine. I have designed it so that different motor mounting plates can used and it would only take about 30 minutes to print new ones out instead of a whole assembly for the motors to mout to. If the hole mounting is different send us the dimensions through our website and we can re allocate the holes for you in 10 minutes and send it out to you for free.

Build guides will follow as soon as we have time to build one ourself. We have so many 3D print orders that we don't have time to print our own designs.

how are you all getting these files for 2.00$ ?!

for me it says £4.99, which comes out to about 7.00$

For the first two weeks it was on sale it was at $2.00 and now it's at full price.

Comments deleted.

I disagree, they put a ton of time and effort into this project. If your willing to pay to use a printer or buy a printer then you can pay the $2 for the file.

You could always design one yourself and give the files away for free.......

Designing something on a computer to be 3D printed is pretty challenging. I gladly spent $2.40 (ish) for the files. I will just skip buying myself a cheeseburger tomorrow and that will make up the difference!


I was thinking the same thing at first. Decided to bite the bullet and spend the $2.33 USD for the STL files and its WORTH it! The amount of time RcHobbysUK has put into creating these files for us has to be crazy.

Mike K.

Thank you for you kind words Mike, it has turned out to be a rather big project in the end :) did you manage to download the revised Main Body STL and Canopy STL?

It was going to be free for the Quad but after designing the quad it has taken a lot more of our designers time than what we had thought,

This page is going to be for the addons and upgrades when they are avalible.

Agree with helifrek, no cheese burger for me today need to pay for the STL FILES! :D, but we bought the STL why your webshop only allow limited number of download ? :)

One upgrade would be a true flight camera so you fly fpv. I am not sure the Inspire1 has one?

I guess a thing to do with that would be to make the FPV camera mountable on the gimbal. Unless your using the live out on the gopro

The design has a static front mounted cam for flight and a 3 axis brushless gimbal for the HD recorded footage. We have just designed the 3 axis gimbal which will accomadate the GoPro 3 and Mobius using our (MoPro (Mobius to GoPro conversion case) it was tested today mounted to a qav400 and the results, I thought we would have a lot of design changes on it for jello and vibration to get it perfect but first design worked a treat. If you cost our blogs and STL downloads page you will see the more up to date version of the quad design and find the gimbal design, we have just started designing a removable mount for the quad brushless gimbal which will have 360 vibration dampening to accomadate all axis motion to great recorded footage.

Definitely looking forward to this. I will print this as soon as it becomes available and get her up in the air right away. Keep up the good work, this project is pretty dang cool.

Thanks Gaz,

Please comment on our blog at http://www.rchobbysuk.co.uk/rchobbysuk-forums for email notifications on current updates and progress.

Amazing design, I'll follow that with great interest ! thanks

I would LOVE to see this happen. As soon as DJI released the new Insprie one and it was too ridiculous in price for that kind of size.

You get what you pay for in honesty, it's 4K camera and gimbal alone is probably worth close to £1000 the motors on the DJI are 35 T motors and high quality ESC's there's another £200, specialised bearings and the carbon tubes would come to around £150 so I think it's quite reasonably priced to be honest.

Ah, that's makes sense. How's designing going? Did you find this bit challenge with the T-slot at the end of the arm? Does it required to use some kind of ball bearing to create a smooth transform?

Its coming along well thanks the T-slots for the arms are quite simple really and use 2 bearings in each arm. we have the materials on order so its just a case of waiting for the parts now.

Please comment on our blog at http://www.rchobbysuk.co.uk/rchobbysuk-forums for email notifications on current updates and progress.

do you give models to pritnt this?

Yes when the design is finalised. For updates and questions check our website forum in the description as this will not have any updates until it's finished

Super excited to see the final result! What motors, servos and escs are you planning to use?

Motors, esc and servo will be put in the description when the design has finished as they are liable to change.

Currently it's got sunny sky 4110 and 30a esc with a mg continuos standard servo using Arduino code.

Perhaps, You're going use the ultrasonic sensor with Arduino to allow retractable the arm down when's coming closer to the ground? I'm such curious! =)

We did think of this for the arms but it could create problems with low flying so it's going to be activated by a switch.