Gearbox Keychain with Loose Gears

by brx017 Dec 15, 2014
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5/6/19 I had the same problem with these files that they printed the gears without the holes. No idea why as they initially appear to have holes but they print solid. Never had that problem before when printing parts. Otherwise a cool design.

The gears show the axle bore in the model doesn't print. Tried twice and both times the bore was solid.

Had this problem too. No setting helped in Cura. Had to drill a hole through it...

Got this Problem too in Cura. No setting helped. Had to drill a hole...

This is happening to me too, meant to be holes through the gears but they are printing solid

i've now attempted 4 variations of this very nice design
,in PLA it either snaps off the gear posts
,frame cracks !!!! or the
gears bind etc waste of filament
there must be a way of making this work ,ABS? any ideas

Can you tell if the problem you are having seems to be with the gear parts or the frame (keychain) part? When I made this remix, I didn't modify the frame. All I did was open the I.D. of the gear by .2mm. I'll be glad to revisit the file if I need to, though there have been many successful prints over the years.

PLEASE fix the Code

You might want to repair these files. It's easy to fix as a user, but it would be great if supplied files are water tight.

Why is the centre of my gear is solid?

Because his file isn't water tight its not a manifold

How do you look at the STL file and determine this? Also what was done wrong to cause this? Is it just the program used to create it having a bug?

Great job, had My CTC about couple of days. First print at .1 and your settings it came out excellent, really pleased with the result. Everybody loves it. I also agree with Edwin but would probably aggravate in your pocket :-)

Yes ! Another CTC User !! great print shall make one now

I have to say this is a great little gadget! My son loves it and plays with it all day long.
I'd love to see a little knob on the bigger gear so spinning it is easier,

Awesome! I'm going to print this. I was having problems with the original model, so this is awesome! ^_^

Let me know how it turns out!

First one snapped- I didn't realize that you were supposed to use 100% infill. I'm printing another one (with 100% infill) right now. I hope it works! ;)

Printing 100% infill is never a good option unless your printer is 100% perfectly callibrated. It it extrudes a little to much filament, your print will come out awefull. As brx017 said, 40% is just fine in this (and most) case.

I will try that! My printer (Makerbot rep mini) came back from Makerbot after they "fixed" it. (My extruder was clogging so much that Makerbot asked us to send the printer) It DOES look like they replaced a few parts. I hope it will print better now!

No printer that I know works great out if the box. Tweaking and modding is what you need to do to improve your prints.. Join community's/fora, you'll learn mighty fast there.

My best upgrade was a new hot end. E3D v6. That took away all of my extruding problems.

Good luck!

I only used 40% infill with no issues, but 2 shells. Your results may vary. Hope your 100% one turned out OK.

May want to fix up the model. Cura can't slice it without making a mistake and Slic3r fixed a load of non-manifold issues to get it to slice properly.

I had problems slicing it with Simplify3D as well, printed almost a solid object... This was the "complete" part with the gearbox and both gears...

Just out of curiosity I downloaded the gearbox separately and printed that on the same software just fine, so it's something to do with the "complete" print.

Which file(s) are you having trouble with? Sliced with no errors in Makerbot Desktop for me.

I used the complete one. In Cura the centre of the cogs came out solid. Slic3r managed OK but it displayed that it has fixed the non-manifold objects.

If you turn off "Fix horrible" Type A option i Cura expert settings centre of the cogs will be fine

Cant find "fix horrible" in Cura 2.3.1. Will try to download previous versions, or some other slicer.

Found the problem to the SOLID cogs.....

dang should have read this first....printing at 0.04mm so I think I will let it finish as its my first ultra high resolution print on my printer.

This is terrific. Much better than the other one.

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