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by Batist May 12, 2009
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I had similar problems finding a suitable plug for my bathtub because it was a flat drain. I went through quite a few plugs before I found one that fitted and held water. I reviewed all the plugs on my site:
a href="http://www.bathtubplugs.comhttp://www.bathtubplugs.com"
Bathtub Plug Reviews
. I moved away from the standard bathtub plug and went for a tub stopper style plug. :)

I had made some video's. Just made a compilation:
I hope you don't mind that I did a video you also had done... :-[ It was also meant as an exercise, and I intend to use these short video's when I give presentations (so that it has a common theme).
B.t.w., it was printed for actual use, not just for fun. My dad needed one, so when he visited me we printed one out. 8-)

Btw. I had the idea of making a filter-type version. One where the water is supposed to get away, but the semi-solid goey that you don't want to flush gets stuck in the filter. This picture explains it better than I can:

The nice thing about this is that you can throw it away after half a year of use, for hygene-related purposes.

Adrian Bowyer has made something like this, check out http://www.vimeo.com/986277http://www.vimeo.com/986277.

It might be possible to use the fill option in skeinforge to get a fine filter.

Really wonderful! I've bought an incorrect size in the store several times... Now that would be a problem of the past.
Tagged it household and 'spare parts' too.

JS-Kit ate my earlier comment... but I wanted to say that this sort of wish-it-and-make-it-true everyday application is my favorite Thingiverse success story. :-)