by whosawhatsis Feb 1, 2011
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Is this "kid friendly"? I think this is a little disturbing.

I love it when the unsupported parts firm up like that! Totally adds to the design, too.

This is awesome. I'm gonna see if I can start this today with supports and have it finished.

Got the go ahead. Printing this at .010 in with support in black ABS Plus. Will post pic when its done. Should be a 15 hour job.

It's coming out lovely so far. And the people calling this porn are seriously reaching.

Sweet. You should take some pictures of the print in progress, especially once the tips of the tentacles start showing up.

"What embitters the world is not excess of criticism, but an absence of self-criticism." -- G.K. Chesterton

3d-printable tentacle erotica. I just love living in the future.

(Also, I mistook that whistle for a bottle opener. Oops. (-:)

/me dashes off to register http://porniverse.comporniverse.com. Drat. Somebody beat me to it. In 1998.. :\

This is no more porn than the pink panther woman Thing, which has been here a year now. If anything, it's less 'porn' because bits have been covered up.

Disturbing? Oh yeah. Porn? I don't think so.

I think they should make a derivative of Thingiverse itself called Porniverse and put this design on Porniverse.

Seriously. The whistle placement has made this design pornographic. I hope you realize that there are people as young as 12 years old using the site, and they do NOT need to see this.

The whistle is in the abdomen. Any pornographic inferences are your own.

Still... It's highly disturbing.

No, disturbing would be if you had to blow into her anus to make it whistle.

This is just gratuitous belly-button love...

But... I'm not sure if good things will be going through someone's mind while they're looking at me as I blow into one of these. And according to where the sharp part of the whistle is, you blow on the lower opening.

Well, you're in luck, because not only is nobody forcing you to print one, but even if you do, nobody will force you to blow it in front of other people who are as uptight and humorless as you.

Thank goodness ABS is flammable, I can burn it after printing...

What was I thinking when I encouraged these derivatives... :-[

You have encouraged pornographic designs.

gives new meaning to the old game - whistle or loose it!

I'm disturbed by inclusion of the whistle

You did NOT place the whistle where I think you did.

You are a madman.

Now I'm just waiting for someone to scan and print their junk.

This might be the most disturbing sculpture yet.

Will try to print. I hear stepper extruders (where you can really starve the support for filament) can do great support...

It will probably be just as terrifying in weird spaghetti form too.

I'm disturbed by the lack of whistle.

You asked for it...

lol i think my wife might have something to say about the placement of your whistle O:-) ;) :-[

That was my first thought when people were adding whistles to female torsos. I just didn't want to join the circus. :-D