Dremel 4000 Mount for 3-axis CNC

by mstrperson Dec 18, 2014
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What mill did you make this for? I was thinking of using it for a Sherline 5400 CNC. Thanks for posting this.

The support works very well! thank you has for your design and contribution :)


Thanks! Your video is private though >_<

Sorry, but it's ok now ... ;)


Another lousy design on thingiverse, wasted filament. What was the creator thinking designing this? Why is there a thread inside for a dremel when it is not possible to screw it in due to part dimensions (you will not be able to rotate dremel in it.

I assume you have a 395 or similar like mine with the button on top which stops you being able to rotate it in this model? My fix was to file off the thread and then you can just push the Dremel in instead of screwing it in. My 395 is a bit oval-shaped, I assume the 4000 is more round, so can be rotated easily.

See: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:253132

Dremel 4000 Mount for 3-axis CNC
by sej7278

As you can see from my photo and the other makes folks have posted, it is quite possible to screw in the dremel. Perhaps your printer could use some calibration?

It needs to be pointed out that there is an US and EU version of the Dremel 4000 and they seem to have different threads.

I wish that was my printer, but my printer is perfectly calibrated to microne level. I dont see by the design how you guys screw that in there, it just does not fit simply, if my plastic was more flexible - maybe, but it is a totally bad way to design things if they require bending in order to fit the part.

Can this be used for dremel 300?

I do not know for sure what the threading on the 300 is, but I think they should be the same. If it is the same as the threading on the 4000 then yes~ The model is such that the Dremel screws into the mount like any of the other tools.

if the body is smaller, then it may be a loose fit too.

What are the dimensions of the plate that the dremel is mounted on

The backing is 4x6 inches. It is 2" deep and the bit axis of rotation is centered 1.25" from the back.