Frog Cubimal

by 4MULE8 Mar 10, 2013
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Can you please post separated parts of the model? Thanks

I love all things Glitch and this is a great model but any time I set up a print that includes the bottom part with the legs it causes a weird layer shift issue. I've tried it by itself and with other things and it causes it every time at around the same layer (around layer 8 as best as I can count). All of the other parts of this model print perfectly (as long as the bottom isn't in the same print), and I've also printed other successful things in between attempts to print the bottom. The weird thing is that I don't see any issues in the slicer at all after I've generated the gcode and studied the layers. Any ideas what might be happening?


Ah, I've occasionally had that kind of thing happen before on other prints, and it's always been caused by part of the model warping upwards very slightly during the print, and then the print head crashing into it. Try enabling "z-hop" for perimeter crossing if you have that option available in your printer/slicer software. You don't need much - 0.2 to 0.5mm should be enough depending on how much it's warping.

It could also be worth experimenting with a slightly different setup while you print - like a different layer height, or adjusting temperatures slightly or adding/removing a fan. But try the z-hop first, it's probably the easiest "fix" to try.

I hope this helps!

Is there a way to get these parts in separate files? I tried to print it and all but two of the pieces came out just fine. I'd hate to have to reprint everything just because two pieces got messed up.

Two questions:

1) Why not print the top of the head upside down to eliminate support?
2) What is the point of the post in the top of the head? I had to break it off to get the piece to fit together


1) Personal preference really - I find that the surface is nicer and more consistent with the top half printed this way up. The curved edges don't come out as cleanly when printed upside down, and you can feel where it was touching the build plate. For me this is worth wasting a little bit of plastic for supports.

2) The post is just a support for the hole in the top. I designed this model back when printer software wasn't quite as good as it is today, and this hollow post ensured the edges of the hole were properly supported. It's obviously not needed if printing upside down.

Ok thanks for the response.

FYI, I extended the teeth on the inner gear to get a more reliable connection. Let me know if you want me to share the file with you.

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Thanks for your perceptive and insightful comment.

froot love cubimal! froot make right now! \8D/
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Could you just make the shaft on the "small gear" longer and completely eliminate the "small axle?"