by Mirice Dec 18, 2014
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Adorable, I love it. Definitely going to be printing this soon.

Now I'm thinking of Too the Moon and I'm feeling sentimental. :( Great work!


Let us can contact us on Saturday to discuss a production of this ceramic modéle.
My e-mail petitpro76@yahoo.fr I printed him(it) in the scale(ladder) 1 and 0.8 and they please a lot!
Looking forward to your reply by e-mail.
( I do not speak English, I am French but I have a friend who is fluent in English if you want to communicate by skipe.
See you soon, me hoped.

Is there a crease pattern or a folding tutorial to make such a rabbit as a real origami?

I'll reiterate what Crypto and Juliezva said, good cooling is a must. My little Wanhao i3 struggled to print these rabbits individually. I printed 3 at once so each had longer to cool and got a much better (albeit not perfect) result.

I made one #60 ;)

Printed @OrdBotHadron, PLA, layer height=0.2mm, speed 80mm/s, 3 shells, no infill , no support

Great design.. was wondering if you are interested in working together to make and sell your product in Asia through www.tridii.com

you know the same draw are free here... you are a funny guy. The idea is to share and build a 3d community. So british... exit.

Printed on Zortrax with light support, 2 full infill and 2 with 20% infill. zero problems. I glued some eyeballs my wife had laying around, The kids loved them. I will be keeping this THING...

Juliezva wasn't kidding about the cooling! Had to keep moving my fan around to get the best results. Cool print though.
I printed at 0.2mm 2shells 0 70mm/s 20%fill. Sliced with Cura Printed on a Kossell.

For PLA it helps to turn the back of the rabbit around to face the fan. It needs to be cooled off quickly on the overhangs. (And if your printer is in an enclosure, open the door.)

Hi guys, I'm having trouble with this print, the ears are just a disaster, there's just a blob of filament at the back of the ear that is building up. I'm on a makerbot gen 5 and I slowed the print from 90mm/s to 80mm/s because I was told that would help with these kinds of things as I had this problem on a pikachu's ears before but this is so much worse. (.1mm resolution, 3 shells, 20% infill for the other settings on the print)

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@MakerBot I nominate these for being featured! ...Nice looking print.

Perfect ! again :)

Simply beautiful. I love the elegance and the feeling it gives. Please upload more!