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Perendev Magnet Motor Replica

by Medi_Muriqi Dec 19, 2014
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The Magnet motor (or magnet engine) free energy generator is a decent, powerfull and well-looking topology of a free energy generator. It works on a principle of the powerfull neodymium permanent magnets. When the magnetic force reachs the necessary level to overcome the friction, the motor RPM ramps up and reachs the equilibrum value. In the ordinary motor, the magnetic field is generated by the electric coils, usually made of copper (Cu) or sometimes an aluminium (Al). Because both copper and aluminium are not superconductors (their resistance is not zero), the ordinary electric motor continuously needs the electric power to maintain the magnetic field. I repeat: The ordinary motor needs not only the initial energy, but the coutinuous supply of energy! The coils are wasting the power, turning it into a heat, because of their resistance. The electric energy has to continuously flow into the system, compensating the energy losses.

The Magnet motor has no coils and thus no power losses and can be used even as a free energy generator. It is using the permanent magnetic field of the magnets to generate the force moving the rotor. For a long time, the magnet motor was only a theoretical concept, because the old ferrite magnets were to weak to generate enoug magnetic force to form a practical engine, operable in real world. In last years, much more powerful magnets - the neodymium magnets - came and enabled the practical construction of the old theoretical concept. This is how the Magnet motor free energy generator came into the world. The disadvantage of the magnet motor is that it cannot be controlled electricall way. You can not shut it down the "solid state" way, eg. by switching a transistor, triac or solid state relay off. The RPM controll is also problematic in this kind of motor. On the other hand, there are much more advantages than disadvantages. The biggest advantage is no need for external source of electric power and thus a very cheap operation. This predetermines this motor for construction of the free energy generator units.

The Magnet motor free energy generator is suitable for generating low to high power levels. The maximum power output is much higher than the maximum of the Electric loop free energy generators. The Magnet motor free energy generator is also much better-looking, thus fulfilling also the decoration function. The construction of the Magnet motor free energy generator is, on the other hand, more complicated than the Electric loop system.

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Hi, I made one but it does not work. Indeed, it is not necessary to have the same number of magnets on the rotor and on the stator. I finally have the explanation. Another member offers a magnetic motor with what it takes.

Verdict: Do not waste time printing this model that does not work and that will make you consume wire and energy for nothing. The goal is to have free electricity not? A good word :-)

Thanks, I need this product long time ago!

is it working ? i didprint it but its not rotating ?

the 3d things i cant dowload because i download on my computer and dont have the filen i cant print

This is an example of a free energy device / perpetual motion machine. It will simply never work. I don't need to hedge at all when I say it will never work because if it did it would violate the first law of thermodynamics.

Actually it can work, but it's not a free energy device. It took energy to create the magnets, and eventually the magnets will loose some of their field energy causing the device to stop working. Therefore this device does not violate any laws, as its not a closed system and does I fact convert magnetic energy to Kinect energy.

woow broo

woow! :-O

You FUCK them up!

You need 2 look that up again..

Look what up?

the first law of thermodynamics - it only applies in contained systems - and you cannot exclude the magnetic field of the planet - so it is not a contained system -> and so the first law of thermodynamics does not apply ;)

It's far too weak. Only one gauss. Sure, its HUGE field, but only one gauss.

wrong turn the rotors araund and you need metal pins for evry magnet in rotor and stator to chenge magnetic fild :)
belive me !

it works then the guy or not this engine? As soon as I received my "BuildTak" I launch a print of the rotors and stators in ABS, PLA because the discs are distorted 1 mm which prevents them from turning freely between rotor / stator.

Hello, No I haven't got it to run continually but with the bearrings I'm using it wants to keepll running?
I think, we have to get a 12 volt electrick magnet to fire a couple of times and it will keep running,
Hooked up to a small generator it would put out 110volts I believe?
hope this helps. if you got any idea's please let me know.
Thanks Ron.

You might want to play around with the spacing of the rings as the magnet fields can interfere with each other. Plus if you should look at the 3 disk photo you will see that they are out by 5 Deg. each. This is very important.

You can get any type of magnets you can think of from http://www.apexmagnets.com/

You should check out the complete plans that I have uploaded @ http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:816326. Good luck. :)

Perendev Magnet Motor with generator
by kb3lnn

Here is another desin for the perendev design. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:325737
and take a look at a asymmetrical magnetic rotor design (james roney stator) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzuIjudmqac

Perendev Magnet Motor

Ok, Please let me know when you get some updates or ??? for this machine.
Thanks Ron.

Ok, I finished it, even added another motor to it. No luck won't continue to run???
It was fun,
Do you have any other ideas on this???

Thanks Ron.

English please.

Ok, got mine up and running, well not running, did you get this on to run??? I can't get it to stay going for more than a couple of turns???
Thanks Ron.

English only please.

Welcome to world man. Don't limit people to english only.

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Ok, got mine up and running, well not running, did you get this on to run??? I can't get it to stay going for more than a couple of turns???
Thanks Ron.

English only please.

und könne sie den sehr gut mit 3d modele umgehen ? habe wohl was aber ist sehr schwer ist ein Magnetgenerator der geht !

wäre ja was wen mann kein solar und Atom usw nicht mehr brauchen muss aber ich kenne ein der macht sowas seit Jahren ! er sagt das mann damit die wirtschaft im ausgleich macht ! weil der strom nichts mehr kostet ! aber wen es sowas mall geben wurde wäre geil !

klar wäre das super, man braucht nur an arme länder denken die kein strom haben oder es sich nicht leisten können und im dunkeln sitzen, wenn man noch weiter denkt, woher soll die energy kommen wenn die leute irgendwann mal weit weit weg reisen wollen, mars und andere planeten z.b., zudem würden wir der umwelt was gutes tun auch wenn die wirtschaft dadurch kaputt geht, ich bin jemmand der nicht ans profit machen denkt, jeder sollte frei und unabhängig sein, die ganzen menschen aus der untersten schicht sollen was davon haben

I only know and speak English?
Thanks Ron.

Jep it is a fake. There are actually no working magnet motors out there. The problem with this is: The forces for attraction and repulsion are the same but with different direction therefore Fat = -Fre and you can't gain anything from 0.

kann ich leider nicht sagen, was fakt ist, es funktioniert auf jedenfall, nur muß man herausbekommen wie, den es verstoßt auch nicht gegen den Grundsatz der Thermodynamik, man nutzt ja die magnetkraft, also wandelt es nur magnetismus zu mechanischer arbeit um, was man wiederrum nutzt um ein generator anzutreiben um so Strom zu erzeugen z.b.

geht der auch ? wäre cool wen du ein video machen kannst !

Also mal erlich, würden sie eine funktionierende Freie Energy Maschine einfach frei für jeden zugänglich machen ??

Es ist nur ein Experimentt bzw. eine Basis um es weiterzuentwickeln, vielleicht funktioniert es in einer bestimmten konstelazion, glaube aber eher nicht.

Ok I finnaly found some 5X8 that would ship to the U.S. on e-bay. Thanks Ron.

Hello, Well I tried to order from the magnet people in germany??? They don't ship to the U.S.???
All I can find on e-bay is 5mmX5mm, I'm going to have to try to make them work????
Thanks Ron.

Thanks, I'll get them from there. Ron

Ok, I've been looking on e-bay, and can't find and magnets 5X8.5mm. 5X5mm, 5X10, etc. no 5X8.5.
Where did you get the 5X8.5 magnets you say is needed???

Thanks Ron.