OpenSCAD Parts Library

by randyy Feb 2, 2011
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Bella idea e ottimo lavoro. Grazie!
Nice idea and good job. Thanks!

Can the size of the solids be adjusted? For example, I'd like to make cubes and also half-cubes of dimensions s x s x s/2 .

Really good, plain library easy to understand.

This is so helpful. The best ever. Thank you so much.

Where can I create my prototype for a children toy I
designed that calls for 1050 pieces, most cost effectively?

1000 of the pieces are a very simple 10x10x10mm cubes.

Thanks this library is great. :-D

Had some trouble with the dovetail in this one, would probably like it better if it were just the trapezoid part, for now I'm using jag's dovetail. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10269http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... Everything else looks great though!

Dovetail modules for openscad
by jag

Sorry you had issues. What specifically was the problem? Obviously, everybody's workflow is different but I use the tabs to register the parts and assure the male sticks out as far as the female sticks in. Works for me as a sanity check. Depending on your calibration and desired tightness or looseness of the joint, the male may need to be a fraction of a mm smaller than the female. If you can suggest an improvement, lemme know. :-D

You should really add all this to MCAD, the definitive opensca library: http://reprap.org/wiki/MCADhttp://reprap.org/wiki/MCAD

The best way is to fork and merge you code in, but if you do nothing, then I might eventually get to this.