Ocarina with triforce and silver band

by SolidMaker Dec 20, 2014
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What note am i need to get when i blow it with no holes closed? trying to figure out if mine printed ok and is at least close to tuned. also, is that a good way to check? or should i check all the scale? does sanding the holes improve the sound?

Thanks for the design!

I just printed one and it turned out excellent on my Makerbot. I previously tried to print the device in halves and join them. However, i had trouble doing that--the ends of each half 'lifted' from the bed during printing and, as a result, there are gaps at the joint. This eliminates that problem and looks great!

It also sounds quite good. My grandson asked me to print one for his use--I'll have to see what he can do with it once he learns the fingering.

I printed one and sounds really good!
I just couldn't find any "datasheet" about of what notes I can get from this type of ocarina. Do you know any?

I know I'm a couple years late to the party here, but can this be printed on a printer with a moving bed, or will it fall over?

I printed this one but it doesn't whistle. The print is flawless, the holes look great, the rectangular hole that should produce the whistling sound looks to be shaped perfectly, but no matter how hard or delicately I blow into this, it doesn't produce anything but the sound of wind :/
Any idea what could have gone wrong here?

It probably has string material in the inside.

Printing with raft on a Printrbot Simple at the same time as a couple customer orders... :D Going to hope that I can finish this before 4:00 AM PST... :/

I printed mine at .1 layer height on my da vinci jr. It looks great but it doesn't whistle :(

Printed awesome on my M3D printer :-) Thanks!

This is such an awesome print! I'm so excited that it works! The layers at the beginning however were a bit messy and not as smooth as the rest of the print. Do you have any suggestions for improving that?

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my favorite thing i made so far made 100% solid and at .1mm and it sounds awesome

Was I right to snap off the cones afterwards? :-)

Yes. Bit be careful with the pieces.

it actually works? the last one i printed out couldnt even be played

Yes it does, I couldn't believe it either.

how exactly is this supposed to be printed just doesnt seem like its gonna keep printing without it tipping over at a certain point

The little cones at the base of the print do the trick. Try it out.

Hey! Printed this out and it actually plays surprisingly well. I've been playing around with it all day, haha.

Yes it can, it's pretty awesome.