USB powered LED UFO Desk Display Light - I Want To Believe

by mattjuk81 Dec 21, 2014
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My remix of your base is gonna say, "Get in, we're doing butt stuff".
Did you pour the acrylic cylinder yourself, or up-source from something else?

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when i try to load the parts to this ufo it makes it so big it wont fit my heat bed can you help me? im new to 3d printing.

I was able to reduce it to 0.10. It then fit on my table.

You should be able to manually scale it. I know i can in cura.

cant load files to cura for saucer or ufo to finish it.keep getting cura crashed error.please help

Printed the top half tonight, working on the bottom half right now.

I printed it at 60% of whatever it actually fit into my printer just to make sure that it would come out. Once I get these two halves done, I'll end up making it bigger and building the whole thing.

It's a really cool model.

Please fix the files.
I had to set it to 0.18 % - now it will fit in my sleepingroom.

You need to fix your files.
The base diameter of the UFO measures 99,802.7mm when importing it into Sketchup Pro 2015
That's why people are having problems bringing it into their slicers.

Ok thank you, I shall try to amend this

Load into cura 15.04 with no problems

over sized in new cura?

Good but I have downloaded them and it s seems to corrupt because slic3R can not read them: 1000000000000000 x 10000000000000 dimension for the lower for example, what is wrong?

Which slicer are you using?

Sorry disturbing you, I have downloaded again and again, I use the lastest Sic3R (1.1.7) and the *.STL it load are unreadable

Finnay, I have succeded with Cura, thanks for the project.

Well done friend, I have the same idea for quite some time and soon I will try to make my own :D
Really good job :D
where did you find the middle stick or what is it made of ?

The clear rod was from ebay, 10mm wide, then cut to what ever length you need

You should add some miniature cows on the green field, that would be cool hehe :D
Nice build.

Yes good idea, I was thinking that and a little house!