Rubber band gun - no screws required

by nigeljohnson73 Dec 21, 2014
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working perfectly, nice one! awesome!
edit: just added auto trigger and extended barrel to Cura and printed with 0.2mm on Linux Cura (instead of 0.1mm and on Windows Cura) and the holes weren't fitting. maybe it's about layer height? can someone give their results?

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Printed at 40% scale (50% height) so that it works with loom bands, perfect!

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how much smaller can this be printed?

Well printed it works very well!!!! Very happy with this gun!

Works well, except I'm not sure why the trigger has a two stage release, I modified the trigger to allow it to operate normally.

I printed it at half scale for my toddler, who's just discovered the wonder of rubber bands. After a little sanding of the rods, everything fit together snugly! Then I found out I don't have any rubber bands small enough (and double looping the bigger ones is a pain). :(

I'm really new to 3D printing (2 days) and am printing the bottom part now on a Aldi Cocoon Create Model Maker mini. it seems to not have a base, and the holes for the top part have a line through them... not sure what's going on. maybe i did something wrong, or the .stl file didn't slice properly into Cura. also, is there any way to make the files smaller but still have to same outcome for the main gun?
Love the idea - keep it up
a newbie at printing

Really nice! Works perfect. Printed in PLA. For the ones say it do not fit.. well small things like how close the nozzle goes to the bed the bigger/flatter it gets. This model is perfect when settings are right. https://youtu.be/F7wq4KJYJdc

Third project I printed on my Dremel machine. Fit perfect with no part mods needed. Easy project in under 3 hours. Thanks!

Thanks for the design, it seems great.

However, I've just printed the top (frame_top) and it seems like it isn't mirrored, so the top angle is the opposite of what it needs to be to sit on top of the bottom. Am I missing something?

Nice design. Had to do quite a lot of sanding of the posts and reaming the holes to make them fit. Didn't think my printer tolerance was that bad.

Just made one. Only problem is that the cover side with the pegs/axles you have to print at a high infill. Otherwise this is a totally awesome rubber band gun that I love. Good job!

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This is a really awesome project!!! I have to drill my holes a bit too. That might be my machine- a Printrbot Simple Metal running Cura. Do you know any problems? Thanks in advance!

Just sanded my pegs and that seemed to work.

My first part Video of this gun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TZrTixWUqc
I had to open the holes little bit too. But i think its my machine also, not the design.

Printed one in ABS, my 5yo son and i are having s blast with it, thanks! Only thing i had to do was open the holes a little with a drill bit, but my machine always seems to make holes a little undersize, so thats on my end, not the model. Thanks!

sorry but the model suck. i sand the pegs for an hour and the end resolt was broken part. sorr not a really good model. didn't work whit me

Dude... Take a drill, drill the holes a little bigger for the pegs to fit loose and hot glue the pegs that are supposed to be tight!!!

no it will didn't fit. one of the tow big piece was smaller than the other. so it will never fit


Hi Nigel,

This looks great. I've printed out all of the parts except the Frame_Top keeps failing,
I had another look and it seems to be 180 degrees flipped, with the round parts printing first. This would require support material.
Where as if you flipped it over it would not.

Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated :)

Nope, you're not missing anything, it does indeed appear to be flipped. No idea why that happened as it's not like that in the full plate of everything. I'll see if I can find the original files and upload that part again the right way up.

That'd be awesome, thanks muchly

Dude! Its awesome! I printed 1 and it works awesome! I had to drill out the holes on 1 side to get it to fit though.

Okay - now go try the barrel coupler - if you dare !

Just made this.
Presumably you used abs - as with pla the pegs are the same size as the holes.
But used the sprocket to wear the down and the gun works really well :-)

I'm going to make a longer barrel to get a little more oomph. But that aside - great bit of kit !

Cool, glad you like.

I only really print in PLA. In the model the pins have a 0.2mm clearance for the tight frame fittings and 0.3mm clearance for the looser ones on the trigger and band loader. If I print cooler (195-200C @ 25mm/s) these tolerances work well for me with minimal stringing.


single part files would be nice

Sorry, thought most apps have the ability to split parts. Added components :) Cheers.

Thank you very much :-)