Pocket-Tactics (Third Edition): Cult of the Stygian King

by dutchmogul Dec 22, 2014
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How many Innocents am I allowed to take? Like, if I was playing with mercs and built my own 150 point army could I take 100 Innocents for an extra 600 points?

Well, the reason this set isn't included with the others in the main collection is that it's kind of a specialty/novelty set. I wouldn't use any of these units in a free build, and we don't include this one in tournament or campaign play.

Thanks! On that note amazing set I really like how it isn't on this plane of exestince and how that is reflected in gameplay!

Yeah, thanks! It's a fun one, just... well, the gameplay is hyper-specialized.

Reminds me of Cthulhu. I have a question about the Stygian Infiltrator. Can it still deploy in place of another unit after the Stygian King has been summoned. Awesome set.

Great as usual bro. Hey GameJam is in a couple weeks. I am looking to get up that way in the next 9 mos. looking at places, near DesMoines I think and others Seattle. Where's best to do Gamr and Movie VFX in the state there? Thanks for any and all info you can send even in a message and Happy New Year Bro.

Best. Set. Yet. All hail lord Yog!