ArduBot - 3D Printed Arduino robot

by davidhrbaty Dec 21, 2014
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Hi I just start to print this . It is great thing, and thanks to the good work.

I was wiiling to give a small remark on the size of the housing of sr04. it has to be 52mm wide. otherwise I was unable to put the module in.

While the bottom part (for the motor) should stay the same.


Hi David, I looked through the whole entire site that you linked it to and I could not find the code for the autonomous code. Is there anyway that you can send me a link directly to it. Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

David just wanted to thank you for a great little bot, you did everything short of assemble it for us.THANKS

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Здравствуй ,подскажи а как скинуть все настройки на него .я установил https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/OldSoftwareReleases#previous.
но он пишет ошибку (Ошибка компиляции для платы для Arduino/Genuino )
не понимаю .помогите .

Hi David,

Can you tell me which speaker you used for your robot? Any recommendations? Thanks!

Hi David,
Thanks for this, great design, built mine and just testing it at the moment. Everything is hooked up correctly, however the 'stop' function doesn't actually stop the servos - they are still moving. I tried playing with the 87/95 values, e.g 90/90 works well, but then the IR function doesn't work - almost like it's trapped in the stopping subrouting. Any ideas? Is my testing through my computers USB providing the power the problem?

I'm also very curious to know where your Arduino Nano is in this design - I'm struggling with cable management, and may place all the electronics in the battery holder and just run it off a 5V powerbank sitting on the top, but would love to be able to do it properly.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Hello, I think that there can be problem with hack of servos, especially when no values in code are suitable. Or second problem may be in insufficient power source.

Hello davidhrbaty build a project based on your project, but I used SG90 servo motor in place of Futaba servo to perform the movement . The servant 's behavior this unstable , slow and locking . this changes some field of programming ?

Thanks hugs

I thnik, that problem is in servos. Did you done hack for continous rotation of servos? Maybe central position of servos in not done correctly, or your power source is insufficient.

Hey davidhrbaty,

great build!!!. I want to build it , but with a difference that I am gonna use arduino uno and the 3d files which you have uploaded is too small to fit arduino uno inside. I am a novice at 3d designing and can you suggest me how can I modify it , I would really appreciate your help bro!:)

Hello you can use any CAD software for it, for example FreeCAD.

Very nice! In the middle of my build right now. A few comments:

  1. Using the Arduino 5V pin as the input seems like an bad choice. The arduino does not like anything over 5, you can fry the board. Maybe it's different for the nano that you used, but for an uno this is the case. I'm thinking I'll use a 9V battery instead and use the power jack.

  2. Did you put o-rings or gaskets on the wheels? if so what size/where did you get them? It seems to have very low clearance without this.

Awesome work. thanks

If you want to use 9V as a power source of Ardubot, you must use step down module to 5V or voltage regulator for arduino and servos.
And yes, I have used rubbers for the wheels. I got them from local shop near me. You can find ordinary rubber ring for PVC pipe and fit it on it.

Hi, great design can't wait to make a start on printing! Instead of using a PC speaker could you utilise led's in its place? Thanks

Hello David I made your attractive robot but I have a problem I block(surround) on her(it) telecommanded tv and the code can please you explain me the way to proceder you to associate telecommanded in the robot. To sadden for this question a little bit stupid but I am hopeless in arduino programming thank you very much for your help(assistant).

You must upload code from my github account to your arduino. Then connect all the electronics according to schematic from my account. Inside Arduino IDE press CTRL+SHIFT+M to view Serial monitor, your baudrate must be set on 9600. Then press buttons on your IR remote from your TV and you can see HEX codes of your buttons. Then modify my HEX codes in code on lines: 104 - 133 for all directions and functionalities of Ardubot. I hope that you will be successful.

Bonjour David j'ai fait votre jolie robot mais j'ai un probleme je bloque sur la telecommande tv et le code pouvez vous s'il vous plait m'expliquer la façon dont vous proceder pour associer la telecommande au robot. desoler pour cette question un peu con mais je suis nul en programmation arduino merci beaucoup pour votre aide.

Hello :)
I have all the parts except the wheel servos. Are there servo motor options
I can buy instead of hacking the 2 servos that you know of? Since I have to buy them, it would be
great to source a part that just works. Thanks for sharing your cool robot. It's going on the 3D printer today :)

Hello Kevin,

You can use new servos with 360 degree continuous rotation, but when I was building Ardubot, there was no continuous rotation servos, so I had to hacked my servos. It's great to hear, that all is functional and Ardubot will have a new brother ;).

Hi, witch resistor is needed for the PC Speeker.
Many thanks!

I have used resistor with colors: RED, RED, BROWN, which is 220 ohms.

Nice robot ! I made one, but I have a problem with the battery : which battery can I use ?
I tried AAA 1.2V rechargeable battery, but the robot doesn't work (small trembling)
When I plug to AA 1.2V rechargeable battery, the robot works fine.
It seems that AAA battery are not enough powerful ? the current load is too high ? (i don't understand a lot in those things)
An advice ?
Thanks a lot

Yes, it is possible, that AAA rechargeable batteries have insufficient current, because I have used AAA alkaline batteries, which have more current for end devices. I strongly recommend to use LIPO 2S battery, which is more powerfull than AAA or AA batteries.

A beautiful project I want to build with my daughter, thanks for sharing this! One question: The TSOP382 IR-Sensor comes in different carrier frequencies. Is it really irrelevant which one I choose? Is there a particular frequency I have to use if I would like to utilize a standard TV remote?

Yes, you are right. There are sensors with different carrier frequencies. But unfornately I don't know which frequency is right for your TV remote. I have used 38kHz carrier frequency which is TSOP38238 receiver. You can try this one, because this frequency is the most widespread.

hey man I will make this robot for science fair that will be at my school

It's nice to hear, that the next Ardubot will be at school ;).


wiring with Arduino UNO is the same as Arduino Nano. But if you want to use 9V battery for powering servos, you must use step down module to 5V or Voltage regulator LM7805 and 2 capacitors about 100nF for example...

Hi, nice project and I am starting the make one. In the vid about the servo surgery to make it turn continuously you mention a IDE sketch that allows you to zero the pot by sending 1500 micr secs pulses to the servo. Do you have that sketch please? Thanks.

You can modify ardubot sketch and use only forward function in main loop function to test servos.

I would love some help with the assembly of the robot - I haven't even gotten to the programming. For example, I'm not entirely sure which way to position the fan and how to attach the parts together in the middle. Can anyone help a newbie?

I can post another photos if you want to see attaching parts together in the middle.

(Red faced) Oh, I haven't received the servos yet. Thanks for the reply.

Hi davidhrbaty!
I wanna made it one.
I've made it. But some trouble.
Of course servo modified as your description.
You used Futaba S3003,I use JR NES 4131(old one I have).
Servo doesn't working correctly. other thing's working great.
How should I do?
I have datasheet for NES4131 following

Modulation: Analog
Torque: 4.8V: 90.0 oz-in (6.48 kg-cm)
6.0V: 105.0 oz-in (7.56 kg-cm)
Speed: 4.8V: 0.23 sec/60°
6.0V: 0.20 sec/60°
Weight: 1.50 oz (42.5 g)
Dimensions: Length:1.52 in (38.6 mm)
Width:0.73 in (18.5 mm)
Height:1.32 in (33.5 mm)
Motor Type: Coreless
Gear Type: Plastic
Rotation/Support: Dual Bearings

Somebody help me!

You must modify your servos with instructions in video, or you can use another method with voltage divider ( two resistors needed). This instructions are available there: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-TowerPro-Micro-Servo-Spin-360/

Sorry to late reply,I will try.
thank you.

Nice job. I'm printing the parts right now. Maybe a silly question, but how did you connect the main wheels to the servos? Also, what size hardware would you recommend (nuts & bolts, etc.)? Can't wait to get it up and running!

Hello, it`s great, that you are printing parts now, so when you buy servos ( futaba s3003), you get a lot of accessories with them and one bolt and washer of them is suitable to connect main wheel to servo. Additional bolts and nuts which I have used are M3. So good luck with get it up and running ;-)

thank you for the reply I had not paid enough attention to the code you were right it was simple. Im fairly new to arduino and c
its just now starting to not resemble greek to me lol.

                                                                              thanks  ,      Keith

Hello Keith, I know, that beginnings are hard, but when will you have any question, feel free to ask ;-).

Hello David
beautiful project i assume that you you would use irdump in the irremote example to get the Hex values for the remote you are using.
and thanks again for a great project.

Hello Keith,
thanks for your advice and compliment. I think, that souce code for ArduBot is very easy to understand and IR codes are printed in serial console in HEX values, so copy and paste these values to source code is only needed to get ArduBot full functional to your IR remote. But in next release of source code I will add button to record new IR remote codes without need computer.

Great robot. I printed all the parts, few (battery holder and top wheel holder) I had to enlarge a bit so it fits better, Where did you get the rubbers for the wheels?

Hello, Its nice to hear, that ardubot will have brother ;-) ..Rubbers for the wheels are from local shop near me. You can find ordinary rubber ring for PVC pipe and fit it on it.