Bubble Maker Box V2

by cparrapa Dec 22, 2014
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it's beautiful your game.
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

Are there any plans on making this functional? This looks like an awesome little toy!

yes but not easy to make it easy to 3d print; the flat area is way too much

I understand you say this is a work in progress, but it has been here for over a year and a half. i'm sorry i started printing this as it won't be properly functional. I mean, who wants to crank a handle backwards? You could have easily added a second gear making the blower rotate clockwise, which i'll probably do as this print was for a friend's child and i want to finish it. My worry is that it won't hold the bubble solution and leak.

Hi Rejaak
I make some prototypes but they do not work neither, so i didn't publish more trouble, but definitely there is a great potential in bubble box now that i have a 3d printer will restructure the whole design, more 3d printer friendly,

The problem to add more gears is the bar will be longer and is already very flat, so will bend after printing, maybe a train of helical ears with less amount of teeth.

did you fix the issue with the bubble screen not fitting on the arm?

Update: I finally threw it away. This is such a cool model, but has too many problems.

Hi there sorry to disturb you i want say that in mech_bar.stl,The square is too big to fit in the bubble_maker.stl, i tried everything it just wont fit in the bubble_maker.stl. I printed this several time to see if its just printing problem. can you re upload the correct mech_bar.stl

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the feedback i also printed one and had similar issues, i am fixing those details.

PRINTED blower but as in the picture the base was not filled Not thinked design.

It needs improvement

Should i print the blower.stl or the involute_blower_fan_involute.stl


I do recommend try both.

Issue with base, blower direction false. Not thinked design.

Hi Toruk
Yes the base i do recommend laser cut, blower is ok you just crank in other direction or mirror the part or use the other, this is a work in progress.

Felicitaciones por el diseño, estoy acabando de imprimir todas las partes y como funcione mis hijas van a estar encantadas.
Acabo de imprimir la base en 8 horas con abs a 230 grados y 110 cama caliente y se ha levantado alguna capa.
Voy a volver a imprimirlo pero en PLA.

Gracias Andrius, yo tambien estoy teniendo problemas con la base es mucha superficie plana, estoy trabajando en mejorarla, para facil impresion pero comparte por favor el resultado de la tuya.

Estoy buscando el dia para imprimir la base, creo que mejor PLA pues el warping en Abs es inevitable, las paredes son delgadas y es una impresión larga.
También es aconsejable montar tornillos de verdad en los engranajes, pues los de plástico saltan fácilmente (sobretodo si lo usa un niño de 3 años)

Do you need to make both the blower and the involute_blower_fan? If not, which one is the better one to use? Also, I didn't see where the instructions were in the link you provided. Probably just over looked them.

Hi Elmo i uploaded two options of fan for different air flows that would be different amount and size of bubbles, so there is not better so far (would test it :). The instructions are linked to the embed 3d model that rotate and explode so you can check the place and order of the parts.

I am printing the parts Phana some issues with the base.

Yep, just broke my base as I tried to shove it all in there (LOL)~

It's a bit too tight where the axis driver has to be inserted.
The axis driven head is too big for where it is supposed to go in.
Oh, and the blower is missing its hole as well.

What do you recommend printing this in, PLA?

Yes Avluis, we are having some trouble with the base, could need some redesign. try the other blower. more than the material heat the bed.

Thank you for replying. I'll be giving this a try later on (a week or so) after I complete a few other projects (we makers seem to get busier the more experienced we get).