Parametric Filament Spool Hub with 608ZZ bearing

by AndrewBCN Dec 22, 2014
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I have spool 74mm diameter :/ - could You expand max range?

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I made an 8mm conversion for the stock Ender 3 spool mount. Wouldn't be hard to do the same for other printers as well, given the measurements.


8mm Adapter for Ender 3 Filament Spool Holder (For Parametric Spool Holder Using 608zz Bearing)

great design, thanks for sharing. Going to make a nice drybox

Hello and thanks for the design!
I would like to print this in ABS.
Do you think I need to resize in Simplify3D to allow shrinkage to the right dimensions?

this is great. Almost too friction less, now my spool wants to keep spinning. Thank you!

Muy bueno el diseño. Gracias.

Beautiful design. Perfect press-fit on the bearing. Very useful. Thanks!

Really like the design.

So I printed one and put it into the spool. But I had a problem with the other side not being supported by anything, so the spool was lopsided. Then I went back and re-read your directions and noticed that I had to print TWO of them per reel, because, uh, each reel has TWO holes! Who knew?

This, by far is the most useful spool hub I have come across. thank you so much for this design.

Hi, i love these hubs.
i've printed a lot of them in the last few month.
I have to run the inside of the cutout for the bearing with a cutter to make a tiny bevel to get the bearing in there.
Since i hate unnecessary post processing, i added an option to the source: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2487744
If this looks good to you, feel free to adopt.
(It's just line 95 ant the parameter at line 16 - 22)

So long, thanks for that great model!

AndrewBCN*s Parametric Filament Spool Hub with 608ZZ bearing
by dicky82

I gotta say, measuring the "depth of the walls of the hole" is not obvious at all. The first thought is you mean "spool width", but why on earth would that range only from 5 to 12mm?? Makes no sense. I notice that changing the number only affects the pedal length. So I tried printing a couple with 9mm (default) and a couple with 7mm, and they both worked great, but I prefer the 7mm as that provided a much better grip onto the spool and is less likely to slip. I just don't get the "depth of the walls of the hole" thing. And as syue87 asked a couple years ago, what's that little half circle in the design for?
On a more positive note however, I will say that I printed a bunch of these and my spools now spin if I blow on them. Friction is almost completely gone. But most importantly they take up very little space and I'm able to place 4 spools next to one another on one rod. Absolutely love it!

What is the "extra hole at 12 o'clock position"(6 o'clock in the picture) used for? easy removal?

hi, great idea.
but my PLA wont bend, so i can not push it into the spool...
is it a problem with the quality of my PLA, or with print-settings? some recommendations?
great job, thanks,

Same problem here. PLA break on grips.

Great design but it would be nice to be able to adjust the center rod size hole.. I ended up needing an 18mm opening so I had to import the customized version into tinkercad to make the hole a bit larger (I didn't need the bearing) ..

The diameter of the center rod (the axle) is determined by the 608zz bearing: 8mm. There is no way to adjust this parameter in this particular design unless we remove the bearing, which basically means creating a new part altogether.

Note that you are free to take the OpenSCAD source, modify it and create your own design based on it, to accommodate your specific needs (as scooch17 did, see below).

If I knew openscad I would since its a great design and for those of us who don't need the bearing having variability for the rod size opening would be great.. perhaps one day when I have time I might take a look but I have never used OpenSCAD so I am unfamiliar with how it works or the code used to program objects.

Actually it was fairly simple to remix and publish .. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:744638

Thanks for the design .. now its perfect (for me!)

Parametric Spool Hub Remix
by ericgus

This looks great, but sadly Monoprice's filament has a 38mm ID for its spools. Do you think it's would be possible for you to make it so the customizer could shrink it down to that size? Thanks!

Unfortunately at 38mm diameter the outer petal reinforcements fuse with the central hub, making the part useless, so to get it down to 38mm really requires a redesign of the thing. It should be pretty simple and I'll work on it someday but no guarantees as I am pretty busy with tons of other things these days. Note that the OpenSCAD source is there for people to remix the design as much as they want.

I wound up grabbing the OpenSCAD file and changing it to 38 inside there. It actually wound up printing perfectly! I wound up with 2mm of space between the petals and body of the hub.

Great! Well done!

I've looked all over for something similar and haven't found one in literally hundreds I've checked out. I thought I might be able to find one that I needed in the variable spool holders, but right now I just needed this one. Holds a bearing, fits the spool, and I can adjust it in the customizer. Thanks a -ton-!

You are welcome, glad you liked it! If you still need a one-size-fits-all spool hub, check my earlier design, thing #586673, which uses the same size 608ZZ bearing. However, it is not as convenient to use as this one, as it requires an 8mm threaded rod, 2 x M8 washers and 4 x M8 nuts; the extra hardware results in more time wasted when changing filament spools, as it has to be disassembled and put back together.