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Ice Shot Glass Maker

by caru Feb 4, 2011
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Which material is recommend? PLA or PET?

if the water go out, you can try mix water with agar agar ( before freeze

Hi, Been trying this with PET filament and I am unable to uncap it once the glass has frozen... How do you guys remove the CAP and do you face similar issues with other filament ? Thanks for advise.

I too have been having this issue. did you find any solution?

Anyone got a fix for leaky glasses? I printed one, but it leaks like hell! All the precious water just flows out! :(

Temporary fix is to freeze the glasses upside down, the wedge apparently leaks less than the bottom of the glass.... fingers crossed. Water is freezing!

if the problem is the base i suggest 2 things that happened to me. First, by printing make shure your first layer is OK, as it will probably start failing therefore on, and if you already have a leaking base, thy by heating it with the stove (rotating it and without letting it melt) and then press it in a food tray (the big bally ones)

I had a little trouble with the cap, shown in my picture of it. Forgot to check the preview before printing. I'm using ReplicatorG 0025 and Skeinforge 35. The internal wedge was treated as hollow, and one surface didn't print. I commented out sections of the .scad file, and discovered that removing the top wedge makes the internal wedge behave correctly. Not sure why this would be the case. Something strange in Skeinforge, perhaps. I'm trying some simple changes to see if I can get it to behave correctly.

Otherwise, very nice model! The cap fits nice and snug on the cup.

I added 1 to the height of the internal wedge (and the glass height to make up for it). This put it above the top wedge enough to print 3 solid layers. Bridged, but they came out. Printed successfully.

Your Sizes are a bit off/ The center part in the top needs t be smaller. I has t take out the outside shells to make it fit I would make the center part f the top like a millimeter less in radius...

Thank you, this is a very precious feedback! I added a parameter to customize that and published new 1.1 version stls. I hope to see you prints/results soon!

Nice nice nice - could you make this as a whole tray?

Perhaps combine this design with Circular Elements to make trays?

Circular Elements
by mrule

Thanks :)

That could be done in many ways, but I am curious, why would you want this to be a tray?

Parties! Make a whole bunch at once to pass out.

You still have to extract the glasses singularly before filling it with drinks... or am I missing something?

yep, have to print some of these up and have them ready for the next party!