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by whpthomas Mar 13, 2013
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I just uploaded my Replicator 2X machine to SailFish and am having some very strange issues. I had to unplug the heaters since they are staying on and reading 1025C along with the fans not turning off.

Any help would be appreciated.

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hey guys, i own a rep 2 and am looking to improve its perfs. I just got my hand on a neu gen plunger (yes my rep 2 is one of the early rep 2s...). Here and there I read and hear about better alternatives to makerware / ofishal makerbot firmware but I dunno who to trust. Should I install Sailfish and slice using Slic3? What do you recommend?
Thanks in advance for your answers,

I strongly recommend Sailfish. It's better in every way.

As for the slicer, I get good results from both ReplicatorG/Skeinforge and from the latest MakerWare.

anyone know apporx what acceleration settings should be used on a 2x with sailfish? replicatorG defaults?

will these work for a REP 1 DUAL?

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you thank you thank you for this! It's funny, because our Rep2 was a bunch of hurt before you released those first profiles, WingCommander. My boss has taken to calling you the "Miracle Man" because whenever you do something, it's a game-changing upgrade, such as this Sailfish upgrade or the extruder upgrade. I was on Sailfish for a week before this came out and was getting a lot of stringing with your old profiles, but no more!

The only issue (and I dont know if its an issue or not) because I've never had this happen before, is the extruder is struggling to put out PLA on the first few layers of the 100micron profile, and then occasionally it happens on higher layers. It seems to happen after a jump, but I'm using the profiles from this page as-is, and followed the deprime settings to a tee. I know its probably a retraction or deprime issue, but I've checked everything in both the profile and the firmware... Any ideas?

But, no joke, you saved our Rep2 from becoming an ebay item and you saved my boss a bunch of money. We can never thank you enough.

+1, I thought I was going to have some splaining to an investor till I got hold of the good Dr's guides. I still haven't reached complete "What you slice is what you get" zen yet, but he's helped to close the gap fast. Thanks. Off to tackle alternate firmware :)

Firstly, thanks for the complement - and you are both very welcome. I guess I have taken to 3D printing like the preverbal duck to water - a lot of stuff that just comes naturally to me, others seem to struggle with - not to say that I haven't had my share of trials. But if you have a gift - there is no value in keeping it to yourself - I am having an absolute blast, really enjoying 3D printing now and the Makerbot community is a hoot ;)

With regards to 100 micron prints, try set the first layer fill flow rates to the same value (0.45) in the speed module, and then enable the bottom module, and increase it from 0.5 to 0.8 or even 1 and see if that helps.

Wicked FAST!

Thanks, I do a lot of medium sized prints so this will save me hours!

Question: is there any way to speed up the slicing? I have a Win8 octal i7 3.4GHz 64bit machine and takes for ever to slice something that takes MakerWare only a minute. Did I miss a step somewhere?

Pypy is a screaming fast Python, that makes slicing 4x faster. If you can get pypy running on windows, which supposedly it will, life would be good.

FTR I followed the instructions at the bottom of this StackOverflow post to install Pypy on Windows 7 32-bit:


It's a fairly painless process, and gcode generation for thing #50207 on the crummy old Pentium D I was using went from 35 minutes to 7.5 minutes.

Im glad you posted that here. I saw that gem in the makerbot forums a few weeks ago. Yery easy, vast improvement in slicing speed.

Have been waiting on pins and needles waiting for this! :) You sir are simply brilliant! Thank you for all your contributions!

Is the Sailfish firmware fully compatible with Makerware or does it only work with RepG?

I'd say that Sailfish does everything that MBI's firmware does, because Sailfish is based on the MBI code, it adds some very nice new capabilities. MBI's 7.0 firmware acceleration was created in Sailfish, and Sailfish continues to lead the way, with not only acceleration, but the ability to change temperature and speed on the fly, a much nicer bed-leveling routine, and any number of other improvements.

Upgrade, you won't regret it! Whpothomas' guide is quite good.

Makerware will connect to a Replicator 2 with Sailfish firmware and print at 120mm/s using the Makerbot (Miracle Grue) Slicer either via the USB or SD card (which is a better choice for high speed printing larger objects).

My experience with slicing and printing from SD in Makerware w/ Sailfish has proven quite challenging. Every print has a Y drift. Tightened everything up and still....drift. I just sliced the same job in RepGSF and it's long since past where it would have drifted in the build, sans Pisa feature.

I stand corrected. I tightened ALL the Y Axis set screws and the drift is gone.

Good news! If Sailfish drifted and the MBI firmware didn't, something very weird would be going on.